5 Tips to let You Sleep much more Soundly

Sleep much more Soundly

5 Tips to let You Sleep much more Soundly

The daily activity of a dense creeping, often makes us want to break soon. However, this is not as easy as we imagine. Some people may experience insomnia, so they stayed up all night. Enough rest can restore the body's energy is missing. In addition, lack of sleep can also cause problems on health.

To make the eyes tired and sleepy, try  relaxed for a moment while reading a book, face wash, turn off the cell phone, and dim lights before bedtime at night. If this is not successful, you can try some of the tips in order to get the maximum quality of sleep, as reported by the Bustle, Thursday from the page, (7/9/2017).

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1. Read and listen to the music

If you can't fall asleep, do not feel stressed out for hours.

"Get out of bed, then try reading or listening to soft music to help distract the brain and you will feel sleepy again," said Jamie Logie, a health and fitness instructor.

So You feel sleepy, you can directly try to sleep.

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2. Banish the light to come in

A dark room light will make us easier to fall asleep. So, turn off the lights and the light all halau walked into the room. Remember to always dim lights the room a couple of hours before bed. Logie says, exposure to bright light, such as a television, lamps, or a cell phone can make you harder to sleep.

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Snacks before bed

3. Consumption of almonds and banana

Some foods can make You Sleep turned out to be more soundly, all thanks to the nutrients in the anti stress food. As Julie Tramonte, sleep advocate of Verlo Mattress, almonds are the right choice for a dose of magnesium. Bananas also has magnesium, as well as tryptophan that is capable of inducing sleep.

4. Breathing exercises

Search position comfortably on your bed and trying to do breathing exercises 4-7-8.

"This technique is also known as the relaxing breath and help sleep better," Frank Tramonte.

To do so, just breathe through your nose for four counts, hold for a count of seven, then breathe out through your mouth on a count of eight.

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