5 Tips To Run Faster And Not Easy Tired

Tips To Run Faster

5 Tips To Run Faster And Not Easy Tired

How often do you feel unable to move his legs after running goods 3 kilometers? Makes you more and not depleted thought how can Usain Bolt run relax while still smiling so wide.

We all want instant results, but many of us are aware that change takes time. Indeed, you can not directly be the fastest runners world wide Kingdom within five minutes, but you can increase Your running speed, this time also.

"The goal of improving running speed," said professional marathon runner Stephanie Rothstein-Bruce, reported by the Daily Burn, "is to run more efficiently and as best I can muster only a little energy you can."

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A faster run speed starts from the right ran posture

1. Sprint with the toes facing the sky

"In general people ran by placing the soles of the feet flat to the ground so that your toes are pointing forward for too long," said Matthew Uohara, MS, CSCS, of Hale Inu Strength and Conditioning, excerpted from men's Health.

Keep your toes pointed straight ahead to actually limit your steps, because you need more time for paddling through movement, and your feet feels heavier. You also lose the opposite leg extensions — extension is a movement to set the record straight — so you can't use Your butt muscles to their maximum capacity.

Later, landed with the front foot with a quick but gentle slap. This forced the displacement of the hips and pelvis to encourage your body more efficiently without having to throw away as much energy if you are landing with the slow and hard. The analysis also shows that even on hard surfaces though, a barefoot runner hit the Mainland with their front legs generate smaller collision forces than they are giving priority to land heel feet.

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2. Swing your hands as fast as might

Come on, anyone of you who habitually run while swinging the hand crosses to the opposite side of the body? "How to run like this focus the exertions on your arm, which thus forcing Your hips against Your running movement instead of Catapult You to move forward," said Rothstein-Bruce.

If you do it right, swing the hands can truly give a boost of speed. Make a fist with the thumb-position hand in fist for straining the muscles of the upper arm. Then, "the most important Stage in the push swing hands is how hard you swing the hands back," said Uohara. There are two things that happen as long as you do it: first, you get the help of an elastic chest muscle and the anterior aspect of the shoulder, which means you'll poured a little more effort. Second, you tend to shorten the swing on the front side, making the transition more quickly.

Rothstein-Bruce recommend this posture trained by practicing sitting (the position of the feet flat floor 90 degrees) and try swinging your arms backwards backwards like he was beating a drum.

3. Position the feet such as the movement of the clock

For the perfect running posture, imagine someone is grabbed your hair back while maintaining a posture of the chest is slightly leaning forward. Keep your body straight and not bent in the waist, so that all the parts keep in line. In this position, you will avoid the curled up shoulders into the body and getting bent, which makes You a lot harder to breathe properly and put extra pressure on the neck. You will also run more easily and not quickly exhausted because you have the help of gravity.

Meanwhile, the second your feet have to move like clockwork (imagine 12 hour cycle to pursue on wall clock with motion stroke bikes. That's where this hour will be in relation to your body.) When you run, lift your leg to the top position in line 12, push down the line at 3, landing to the ground directly below your body aligned at 6, then swing your leg back leads 9 behind your body. Circular movements to imitate the movement of the clock allows a rapid turnover.

But, don't let Your back leg swing so lackluster. Kick up as high as possible up to the butt, like a piston. A jolt of energy and this resulted in a realignment of the foot you faster to the next step.

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4. replace-replace Your running speed

Ran my hardest was not the key to running faster. It may sound odd, but it actually ran more slowly can help you improve Your run speed.

To train Your run, started running with a light and relaxed, not too fast. Increase Your running speed gradually to the level that you want. If you start too soon, you risk running out of gas at the beginning of your journey, and feet feels more pain afterwards.

Pro runner suggests mixing up Your run speed by running slow (not jogging), up-tempo, run and run fast on the track of your choice at least once a week. It aims to train endurance heart, lungs, and muscles simultaneously for the sake of being a fast runner, more efficient.

5. set the breath

Align Foot Fall with your breath, not vice versa. This will allow you to run more quickly and efficiently, as well as being a guide who will tell you if you ran too hard or not hard enough. Everyone can find their own rhythm of the breath, but as an example, use breath per order: two steps in one breath, two steps away for a blowing exhale.

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To remember the time was about to run

1. wait for three hours after a large meal before a run

The body's digestive system is not working to cultivate a large plate of instant rice and side dishes which You heartily just to make it energy. If you really have to run now, choose foods that are easily absorbed, such as bananas, two spoonfuls of peanut butter or honey

2. Drink a half liter of water 90 minutes before a run

Drink at least half a liter of water one and a half hours before you started running to prevent dehydration. Bring a bottle to drink with you while running for maintaining optimal body fluid intake in order to prevent leg cramps, especially in hot weather.

3. Clear your mind

Maybe after reading five techniques above, it will be quite difficult for you to clear your mind. But, a number of studies have consistently shown that making changes that are realized when running thus menghambatan Your run speed. The reason is that it forces you to think about your movements, which increase brain activity. By continuing to actively practice it, your body will be able to "recite" all the techniques of running outside of the head, which allows you to clear your mind and ran in vogue on autopilot.

4. A hot shower afterwards

Standing under a hot shower or a relaxing soak in a tub of warm water after two laps run, if possible. Soaking the feet will warm your muscles and relaxes muscle groups back to normal.

5. Don't forget cooling

After three to five minutes jogging cooling, do stretch thoroughly. Do not continue doing other energetic physical activity, or the consequences you can walk with the foot of the concrete throughout the day. Do simple stretching to cool the body, allowing the release of lactic acid (a byproduct created by your muscles) are absorbed into your bloodstream and eliminated from your body.

Lift foot vertical shoring up the walls by lying on your back during 3-4 hours. This will drain the blood in the legs back to the heart, so you will be supplied by the flow of fresh blood when you rise up. You can do this after cooling or after a warm bath.


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