7 Foods That Boost Men's Libido

Men's Libido

7 foods that Boost the Libido of men

A healthy sexual life and routine not only make intimacy always lit, but also nourish the body. Research uncovering, men who have sex several times a week are healthier because of the circulation of the blood.

But what can be done if a man's sexual desire begins down? According to nutritionists, what we eat has a major influence on sex life. Make simple changes, such as changing eating patterns can be warmed again lackluster start sex passion.

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Charlie Turner and Lee Foster, founder of Neat Nutrition mentions seven foods that can increase your libido.

1. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate can boost levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain, which increases the sense of happy and also the "mood" to fuck. Active substances in chocolate also increases the blood flow and relaxes blood vessels, as well as send blood to the right place, in this case around the male sex organs.

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2. Nuts

Almonds, Brazil nuts, walnuts, and peanuts are believed to increase libido and avoid impotence in men. Nuts contain the raw material for the production of the male hormone.

3. Garlic

Garlic is probably the last thing you want to eat before you pass the night's passionate because of the strong aroma. But, garlic contains allicin high levels and improve blood flow. This effect is very helpful man who is troubled with Erectile ability.

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4. Broccoli and celery

There are foods that will improve Your sexual appetite and increase libido. For example, the celery contains androsterone, odorless hormone released through male perspiration. Broccoli also helps excrete excess estrogen, testosterone also increases.

5. Fish

Foods high in vitamin B such as fish is a major factor in increasing libido. Vitamin B3 serves as anaerobic metabolism, which gives sexual energy and increases blood flow to the penis, as well as the B6 in the prolactin responsible managers in terms of sexual satisfaction.

6. Oats

You should never skip breakfast with oat because it increases the amount of testosterone that is available in your bloodstream. Research at the San Francisco Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality found that oats included in foods that increase libido men in just eight weeks.

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7. Whey protein

Protein is not only required men to build muscle mass, but also helps increase testosterone levels


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