7 Myths About the Diet

7 Myths About the Diet

7 Myths About Incorrect Diet

Some popular diet way turns out not good for health. The following are the 7 myths of dieting that is actually wrong and no longer need Your trust.

The road to ideal body weight is not as smooth as the Silk Road. It is not surprising if many people who try to take shortcuts with the hope of speeding up the desired results.

However, several popular diet that often do not all turned out to be good for health. In fact much can harm the body. The following are the 7 myths of dieting that is actually wrong and no longer need Your trust.

1. not weight down to make breakfast

Wrong. Weight loss is indeed going down when you occasionally do not have breakfast. But lost a few kilos, this is not coming from the body's fat deposits, but rather of the muscle — which is a method of weight loss that are not ideal.

Losing muscle mass is a factor that can cause you more easily tired and hungry all day long fast. Therefore, skipping breakfast can make you tend to respond by eating lots of high-calorie and portion when the lunch hour arrived. Keep if it is done, how this diet thus risky add some numbers on Your scales.

People familiar breakfast thus reported to have health body is generally better, and better able to maintain her weight compared with people who do not have breakfast. Breakfast can help you control your hunger during the day and prevent you from snacking of unhealthy snacks.

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2. Never Eat carbs

Wrong. Reduced carbohydrate diet strategy is one that is widely used. This is not only effective way to lose weight but also the positive impact for health even if you already have a healthy weight. But, do not immediately eliminate your intake of carbohydrates at all from your dinner menu.

However, the carbohydrates will be processed into energy that is used for body function to any menjani help you move without a hitch. In fact, the principle of low-carb diets is not avoiding carbohydrates altogether, just avoid the intake of simple carbohydrates too much.

In General, it is recommended that healthy adults consuming carbohydrates around 300-400 grams per day. While undergoing diet, carbohydrate intake can be reduced by half or approximately 150-200 grams. Too little carbohydrate intake will lower your metabolism and can eliminate the muscle mass.

The most important is the amount of calories that get into the body, not the number of carbohydrates. So when you're reducing your intake of carbohydrates but does not reduce the fat intake, then the number of calories that goes into your body is still a lot and can increase your weight. Decrease your intake of carbohydrates should also be balanced with protein and fiber intake is sufficient.

Replace the intake of simple carbohydrates (e.g., white rice, white bread, pasta flour) and a source of complex carbohydrates from whole grain. Also swap the most amount of carbohydrates reduced by consuming a variety of protein derived from meat, fish, eggs, and nuts. To maintain a sense of satiety, Consume vegetables and fruit as well as a source of healthy fats from processed milk, coconut oil, and butter.

3. fat-free Food must be good for the body

Wrong. Eating foods with low fat labels (low-fat) or non-fat (fat-free) can not be used as the primary key of your diet. The reason, foods labeled low-fat low-fat is not always true.

The original content of animal fats on food or drinks have been replaced with fat derived from plants, which is basically a fat not saturated. When the vegetable fat processing processing, fat this will terhidrogenasi which turned it into a very dangerous trans fat if it gets into the body. Trans fats can raise cholesterol levels and the risk of developing heart disease.

The body requires the intake of fats as an energy source, improved networking, and carries vitamins A, D, E, and k. every day, a man requires a minimum of 40 grams of fat and women need at least 30 grams of fat.

You don't have to eat fat-free foods, but you only need to reduce consumption of saturated fats, like butter, meat, and processed foods. Consume more unsaturated fats, such as fish, nuts, and avocado.

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4. Intentionally holding hunger more effectively lose weight

Wrong. Accidently starve himself to diet might be able to succeed in the short term, but in the end this way can inhibit your weight loss. Skip eating for hours can cause the body to lose more muscle mass than fat.

Loss of muscle tissue is causing a decrease in the body's metabolic rate, thereby reducing the number of calories needed by the body. If the number of calories in the body remains the same, then the excess calories can increase your weight. This explains why the sport is also recommended in weight loss plan to build muscle and maintain your metabolic rate.

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5. low calorie Drinks help lose weight

Wrong. Calorie free drink usually does not use sugar but rather artificial sweeteners and can help reduce weight because it contains no calories. But in most research, not found evidence of weight loss.

This may be caused when You eat sugary drinks without calories, your body will constantly crave your calorie intake so that in the end you're eager consuming other foods in an amount more.

6. do not eat dinner, because making the Tubby

Wrong. The dinner hour became the most frightening spectre for most diet pop. The reason, they assume that the body will store more fat from the food as it is not burned by activity.

The actual legitimate only if you want dinner. Food eaten at night doesn't necessarily make the body store more fat. Meal times do not affect weight, the most influential is the total amount of calories you consume in a day.

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7. Cholesterol is not good for the body

Wrong. Cholesterol is a component of fat that is largely shaped by the liver. Cholesterol can indeed be bad for the body because it can clog blood vessels and associated with risk of heart disease.

But, not all types of cholesterol that is bad for the body. Saturated fats are found in foods such as meat, pies, butter, cheese tends to increase cholesterol "evil" called LDL, which can cause blockage of blood vessels. Whilst fats come from nuts, vegetable oils can increase the good cholesterol to the body called HDL, which serves to bring the fat deposits from arteries back to the heart.


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