7 Step Free Germ Use Public Toilet

Public Toilet

7 steps to use a Public Toilet Germ Free

Activities outside the House sometimes makes us have to use public toilets, just like at the mall, Office, campus, and the school. Overview of the public toilets at the venue does look cleaner and scented fragrance.

When in a public toilet is a place full of germs and bacteria. This is because the public toilet used by many people throughout the day.

This could be a load you think to hold the desire to pee and grew up in a public toilet, but doing so will endanger your health, such as urinary tract infections.

As reported by The Health pages of the Site, Monday there are several things you can do to minimize exposure to germs and bacteria in public toilets:

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1. open the toilet door with paper towels

As you enter the toilet, the first thing you do is open the door. The handle of the door is one of the common point for dangerous germs that can make you vulnerable to place various diseases.

Hence, the use of hand Sanitizer or tissue paper while opening the door to the toilet is highly recommended, to minimize the risk of germs.

2. Clean the toilet seat with toilet paper

Use toilet paper to wipe the cradle. You can also use the toilet seat cover (available at a pharmacy with a small packing). This stuff is easy to carry everywhere.

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3. use toilet paper for pressing the flush

Since most people pressing the flush when you're done, the possibility of microbes on a fairly high flush button. So, use a piece of toilet paper to compress it and then discard the paper.

4. Out soon after flush

The possibility of a lot of microorganisms which are carried by the air coming out of the spray is relatively high. Germ reached the respiratory tract and can infect the Airways that cause throat infection. So after You even soaked it, immediately leave the place.

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5. Wash your hands

But the most important next step is to wash your hands in the right way. This is because, nearly one-third of infectious disease can be removed by washing your hands properly.

Rechargeable hand-washing solution (SOAP dispenser) better than bar SOAP, due to the possibility of the spread of germs from one person to another higher on SOAP which can be reused.

6. use a tissue to wipe the hands

Experts believe that using tissue paper to wipe the hands is the most effective way. This is because the hand dryer do not clean hands correctly and supply hot air from the dryer helps bacteria thrive rather than eliminate it.

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7. use hand Sanitizer

The handle of the main door is also loaded with many viruses and bacteria. Therefore, you can use hand Sanitizer as an extra precaution after finished washing and drying hands.

Another option is to use a secure a sheet of tissue paper to open the door. In this way the chances of getting germs is much more diminished.


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