7 Things to Look for Before Shaving Pubic Hair

Shaving Pubic Hair

7 things to look for Before Shaving pubic hair

Some people may have the habit of shaving the pubic hair routine reasons varied, ranging from hygiene reasons or for comfort when making love. Whatever the reason, when you decide to shave pubic hair, you have to be careful. This is done to avoid irritation or the presence of an infection after shaving.

To be aware of prior to shaving pubic hair

Basically, shaving the pubic hair that is a personal choice. That is why, you are free to choose to shave or not. Most importantly, you should regularly take care of cleanliness of the skin of the genital area well so there happen an infection and irritation afterwards. Here are some things you should consider if you want to shave pubic hair.

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1. Shaving with a razor is the most secure way

There are several ways to remove pubic hair, waxing, shaved it special with a razor, and laser. But, waxing and laser can only be done by professional experts. In addition, both cost money that did little to all treatments. According to a study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecolody, shaving with a razor blade was rated the safest way.

Even so, a consultant gynaecologist origin United States, Hugh Byrne, says waxing and razors basically have the same risk. Especially if you don't take care of the skin in the genital parts correctly after shaving or waxing.

2. Shaving can cause abscesses

Some women admit to experiencing the things went sour after shaving the hair of his cock. One of them, the emergence of the abscesses on the skin around the penis. An abscess is pus buildup caused due to bacteria that get into the body through hair follicles. If this is not tackled soon, too dangerous. You can reduce this risk by drink antibiotics and most importantly, do not forget to always keep clean the skin around the genital area after shaving.

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3. Ingrown hairs

Side effects of shaving pubic hair in addition to prone to infection are left over hair in the outermost layers of the skin, which will cause the hair to grow back in the layers of the skin after a few days. The existence of the "rest" of the hair and the hair growing into the skin layer this indeed may cause discomfort, painful and itchy. However, the "time" this hair is not actually harmful, and this is the most common side effects after shaving pubic hair.

4. Use a hair removal cream

Differs from waxing and razors, use a hair removal cream will not make physical trauma on your skin. This is due to the chemicals contained in this cream will make Your pubic hair loss by itself the hose a few minutes after usage. However, you should also be wary. In people with sensitive skin, this cream will likely cause irritation.

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5. Increase the risk of sexually transmitted diseases

According to research done years 2012, submit a shaving pubic hair turns out could increase the risk of the spread and transmission of sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes and genital warts. The reason, shave the pubic area to the environment will affect the membranes of the skin, making it easier for the bacteria get into the pores.

6. Use hair clippers could be another solution

For those of you who may be afraid or concerned for shaving pubic hair using a razor, you use the hair clippers. Choose a hair scissors designed for cutting out delicate hairs on the body. Slowly and carefully, Cut it out pubic hair bit by bit so that so much short and neat. But, do not forget to separate the pair of scissors that you use to shave the pubic hair with scissors other everyday yeah!

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7. Shaving pubic hair is more harmful to the fat lady

Offered from the Telegraph, a recent study in the United States find if shaving the hair in any way was more dangerous to women who are overweight, what else are obese. Because, the fat women more at risk of experiencing the friction with the other skin. Well, if the pubic hair in the razor runs out, the risk of occurrence of sores and irritation will progressively increase.


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