8 Running Mistakes Many People Do

Running Mistakes

8 Running Mistakes Many People Do

Running is a sport that is favored by all circles. In addition to the easy thing to do, run or jog is also much benefit health in our bodies. However, a minor mistake done when running or jogging can reduce the benefits on health, can even cause new problems for our bodies, like blisters, foot pain, muscle injury, skin burn, and bruises.

Any errors when running the most frequently done?

1. Wearing the wrong shoes

Wear shoes that are old or different types of shoes with running shoes will cause injury to the feet, especially on the part of engkel.

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2. Too far and too fast

Many runners, especially runners lay too excited in running, run too far and with a tempo too quick. Think that farther is better is a fatal mistake, because it can cause pain in the soft tissues of the back bones/shin splints (usually occur below the knee/Shin), a knee injury, and inflamed ligaments on part of the thigh (ITB syndrome).

3. Go a step too far

Many runners who think that go a step further and add speed will improve efficiency while running. Stepped too far can be draining and can also cause shin splints since heels will land first.

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4. The position of the hands

Some of the runners swung his arms to the side that makes them more bending and not breathe effectively. When tired, put both hands on your chest will also make the shoulders and neck stiffened.

5. Less drinking

Many underestimate the number of bodily fluids that come out when running and not resolve it with enough drink. As a result, they will experience dehydration which may result in better performance and health.

6. the Wrong dress

Some runners wearing the wrong clothes, too thick or too open, and is not suitable for the weather conditions at the time. Doing so will cause diseases that are associated with hot and cold weather.

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7. Do not eat right

Many runners who underestimate the importance of nutrition for performance in the run and also the health of the body as a whole. What to eat before a run and after running a large has an effect against performance and your recovery.

8. Ran around the track in the same

Running in the same track continuously keeps the body under-worked out. Not only causes the body get used to the area, but it also makes You easily bored and can-can result in the loss of motivation to continue the routine run.

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