Bad Effects of AC On Your Skin and Hair Health

Bad Effects of AC On Your Skin and Hair Health

Bad Effects of AC On Your Skin and Hair Health

Most people choose to relax in the air-conditioned room rather than out of hot heat on the streets full of smoke pollution. AIR CONDITIONING has become part of the lives of many people. In the Office, mall, restaurants, even the houses have air conditioning to make the people that are in the comfortable room, not overheating.

But if recent skin and your hair becomes dull and dry, it's good to turn off the AIR CONDITIONING and get out for a little sweaty. It could be hair brittle and dry skin that is a result of the use of air conditioning, How can that be?

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AIR CONDITIONING worked pulling water vapor in the air in the room to be taken out and replaced with cold air. This process makes the indoor humidity is down. The lack of moisture in the environment is one of the main causes why the skin so easily dry.

In addition, exposure to AIR CONDITIONING nonstop also makes the skin problems, such as eczema or psoriasis gets increasingly rampant. Again because of AIR CONDITIONING can cause skin moisture evaporate and become distracted. One of the research also mentions that synthetic fibers in filter AIR CONDITIONING can cause skin irritation.

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In addition to the effect on the skin, the effects of AIR CONDITIONING can also overwrite the hair. Often are in air-conditioned room can also make hair become dry. Hair needs moisture to stay healthy. So, if the room is not humid, the hair will also be dry.

Hair that is dry then it would be easier for the loss. Hair loss will grow worse if you are also frequently exposed to environmental pollution (air pollution), extreme weather changes, and are often exposed to chemicals (often dyed my hair, for example).

To reduce this effect, you should begin to reduce the frequency and duration of You in air-conditioned room briefly went out for a walk. breath of fresh air, and allow time for Your body and skin to "breathe".

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Quoted from Livestrong, according to the American Academy of Dermatology, good maintenance can help keep hair health, including preventing it from loss. Some of the things you can do to keep your hair stay healthy are:

Subtract the styling on the hair do, including exposure to heat or the product that was used while styling

  1. Reduce exposure to sunlight in your hair
  2. Use a deep conditioner after shampooing
  3. Don't be too frequent shampooing
  4. Subtract the hair tight ponytail
  5. Do not comb hair in wet state
In addition, you can also use a lotion to moisturize the skin, at least three times a day or after bathing. Drinking plain water, at least 8 glasses a day, can also help hydrate the body and keep the moisture of your skin.

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