Boost Brain Performance by Eating Chocolate

Eating Chocolate

Boost brain performance by eating Chocolate

The study found that eating chocolate on a regular basis related to the performance improvement of memory and process visual information.

Improve the performance of the brain not only can be done by conventional means such as reading. Simple ways like nyemil chocolate can improve the performance of the memory until the decline of senility. It has been demonstrated by a number of researchers and published in Italy.

In the journal Frontiers in Nutrition, Valentina Socci together with his colleague revealed that eating chocolate on a regular basis related to the performance improvement of memory and process visual information.

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Actually, this is not the first time Brown and chemical in it called can help brain performance. In the previous few years, Brown also briefly referred to have a therapeutic effect. However, a large number of claims about the benefits of chocolate is only done with a little bit of a controlled experiment.

For the meantime, Socci together with his colleague testing the effects of the consumption of flavonoid compounds contained in Brown against the brain activity in the long term.

The respondents are obliged to consume chocolate in the number of low, medium, or large in the form of a chocolate drink or Chocolate bullion. The length of the consumption occurs within a period of five days up to three months.

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After consuming flavonoids in chocolate, Socci see increased performance of working memory and processing visual information better.

For the elderly, the consumption of flavonoids in the long term also increased attention, mental processing, working memory, and verbal fluency, especially on those who start senile.

"These results demonstrate the potential of the flavonoid chocolate to protect vulnerable populations in cognition over time by improving cognitive performance," wrote researchers from the University of L'Aquila in Italy.

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Whereas when you're healthy, flavonoids may improve cognitive function in normal and acted to protect cognitive performance.

However, consumption of flavonoids are most beneficial for women who suffer from insomnia or lack of sleep. This substance will help ward off cognitive disturbances that occurred afterwards.

"If you look at the underlying mechanisms, flavanoid chocolate has beneficial effects for cardiovascular health and may increase the blood volume in the cerebrum. This structure was heavily influenced by aging and therefore, it is a source of potential decrease age related memory in humans, "they wrote.

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However, don't forget about side effects when carelessly eating chocolate, for example the number of calories after Brown was turned into milk chocolate, sugar levels, and the effects of caffeine.

"There are potential side effects of eating chocolate. Calorie values commonly associated with chocolate, some of the chemical compounds from brown plant such as caffeine and theobromine, and other additives that we add to the chocolate like sugar or milk, "added the researchers.


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