Caution, It Is Sex Without Marriage

Sex Without Marriage

Caution, It Is Sex Without Marriage

Loss of sexual activity in domestic life become a scourge for any couple. Talk of sex is still considered a taboo – even for the couple itself – the more it undermines the best solutions partner, or just share.

In fact, several studies reveal shocking facts about the levels of sexual activity. Alerts you of the page Prevention, Thursday (7/9/2017), The New York Times revealed the discovery of keyword "sexless marriages" (a marriage without sex) in Google is a topic that is talked about.

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The Guardian also reports Georgia State University study that 15 percent of couples who marry don't do an intimate relationship for 12 months. That is, a sexless marriage was indeed present among many couples.

Sexless marriage might get different meanings to some people. In some people, sexless marriage means never having sex, but for other couples could mean an intimate relationship that is stretchable or even disappear.

Domestic life with all its problems--a son, Bill, a large family, or are psychologically as a rejection--could be one trigger.

But the most aggravating circumstance is that kala couples choose not to talk about the loss of sex because of shame, already angry, ego is to blame for a pair, or frustration.

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Changes the rhythm relationship

The change of life the romance dating, early marriage to the age of a long marriage, must occur in each pair. Coupled with the large number of changes to daily activities which ultimately affects sexual habits.

Try to remember, when was the last You tease your partner? Or sharing sexual fantasies together?

Laid waste to this prolonged problem is certainly harmful to domestic life. However in action just blame the couple, menudingnya with guesses, only aggravating the atmosphere. Try to return reveals a passion against the couple.

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No need to direct a manner extreme enough, start with the touch, feelings, and love. Initially it is indeed quite difficult.

A sense of awkward to start paying attention to the situation which already "cold", or embarrassed to start will be the weight in the beginning. But don't forget, it's possible that the couple felt the same way.

Try honesty

Try to be honest and of course respect your spouse. Remember how you feel while still being fun friend to discussions or making out. Point out the difficulty on how hard the couples reveal your feelings with the situation of "cold".

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Looking for the right time to speak from the heart to the heart. Talking about future household will probably remind him how Your spouse means, which then make her feel appreciated.

But don't expect this issue can be completed in a short time. Let this process run without any pressure of each spouse


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