Change 7 Unhealthy Lifestyle after 30 Years

Unhealthy Lifestyle

Change This Unhealthy Lifestyle after the age of 30 years

Want to look and feel younger in age hold 30 's and so on? Now is the right time to change Your unhealthy lifestyle.

The age of 20-30 years is probably the "jaya" we, since we seem to live forever. However, unhealthy habits can demonstrate its influence as we age.

Unwittingly, know the already high blood pressure and blood sugar above normal. If you are not utilizing the age of 40 years as a turning point, these health problems worsen.

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Here are some of the unhealthy lifestyle that you have to change before blowing out birthday candles to-40.

1. Addicted to gadgets

What is the addiction to gadgets making us sick? According to the review experts at Harvard, watching too much television or staring at the screen gadget increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease. In addition, of the released gadget also mess up the body's circadian rhythm, so that we are hard to sleep.

2. Lack of sleep

Like cell phones, the body and the brain we also need reset and "charge the battery". The trick with 7-8 enough hours of sleep every night. Lack of sleep in the long run will increase the risk of hypertension, obesity, and depression also.

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3. Skipping meals

Intentionally skipped meals to slimming body thus backfire for health. It will increase the appetite so we tend to eat just about anything, including unhealthy food.

4. Ignore the symptoms of the disease

The head often feels heavy? There was a lump in my breast? Our body actually gave the signal the existence of health disorders. Don't ignore any complaints immediately and check with your doctor. Faster faster is detected, the disease disappear.

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5. Cigarette smoking

You've probably already know very well danger smoking for health. Stop smoking before the age of 40 years will lower the risk of death from smoking-related diseases to 90 percent.

6. Happy salty foods

Sodium or salt is indeed an important component in the dish. But if we are too many consume it, the impact dangerous. We recommended consume nothing more than 2,000 mg per day or one teaspoon. High-sodium foods containing, among others, instant noodles, sauce and soy sauce, as well as canned food.

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7. Hobbies of sweet drinks

The consumption of sugary beverages, such as soda, bottled tea drinks, or favorite coffee in the coffee outlets, rather than just increasing the weight but also trigger insulin resistance which in the long run cause diabetes.


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