3 Dangers of Sugar Consumption on Your Skin

Dangers of Sugar

3 dangers of Sugar Consumption against your skin

Sugar is a food ingredient that is commonly consumed daily. Be difficult to separate the living from sugar. Food and drinks consumed daily contains sugar, such as cake, doughnuts, ice cream, chocolate, juices and much more. However, did you know sugar turned out less well give effect to skin.

As reported by the website of Allwomanstalk, excess sugar consumption can damage your skin. The following effects that occur on the skin because of the influence the consumption of sugar.

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1. Skin Dehydration

Sugar sucking almost all the water from the skin cells of the outermost layers of the skin so you look dry. It can also cause skin wrinkles and nutritional deficiencies. Therefore, if you are consuming high levels of sugar in, try to drink more water every day.

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Damage the skin

2. Damaging the skin

Sugar can damage the collagen that is under the skin. Collagen is a substance in the body that makes the skin firmer. With excess sugar consumption can weaken the function of collagen thus making the skin loses elasticity it early.

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Inflammation of the skin

3. Inflammation of the skin

Excess sugar consumption can also create collagen beneath the skin becomes stiff. Sugar eventually stick to the collagen that makes its functions did not go well. When it loses its elasticity, the skin will look slack and appearing of acne as well as emerging sign of premature aging that results in inflammation of the skin or rash.

Stop the sugar consumption in everyday life you may be improbable things. However, you can menyiasatinya with regular habits which can be started by drinking enough water and consumption of vitamins C and E as well as antioxidants that may keep the skin soft, smooth, and supple.

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