Let it Not Easy Sick, Diligent Apple Consumption

Diligent Apple Consumption

Let it not easy sick,  Diligent Apple Consumption

Apple is the preferred globally. Fresh if consumed directly or in juice, apples can also be made cake, pastries, even juxtaposed with heavy foods.

In a medium-sized Apple, contained 95 gram calories, 25 grams carbohydrates, 4 grams of protein, 0.5 grams of fiber, and 0.4 grams of fat.

You will also get your intake of vitamin C to 14 per cent of the recommended if eating one Apple. Vitamin C helps increase the durability of the body.

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For added benefit, eat apples along her skin. In addition to the content of the fibers, a study shows in Apple skin substances anti-obesity, i.e. ursolic acid.

Even so, Apple is obligated to be washed clean before it is consumed to reduce exposure to pesticide residues that may be left on the skin.

Here are some types of Apple imports that we find in the stores.

Royal Gala apples: 

one of the most popular in the country, brought from New Zealand to the USA in 1970. This Apple is the favorite fruit of Queen Elizabeth II. Apple kind of gala apples are crisp and very sweet, so that suitable snacks.

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same as royal gala, honeycrisp apples also has a sweetness and a little crisp. The fruit is a nice tasty to eat directly, as a salad, and sauce.

Apple Macintosh:

 this type is very good to be used as base material to make Apple sauce and pies. When cut it, to keep keep their texture remains hard, preferably mengirisnya is not too thin.

Granny Smith: 

Apple green sour taste is believed to be derived from the crabapple France. In its home country, it's kind of apples entered the harvest season on at the beginning of August, and most of his crop was made for pies.

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Pink Lady Apples: 

this type of very strong last a long time, even after a couple of weeks in storage. Pink lady is a great option for the ingredients of the dough bake, because of its pink color will stay awake.


sweet and sour Varieties originated in the State of New York. This kind of Apple is the perfect answer to cooking, from pieces of cake until salad toppers.

Red Delicious Apples:

 all-American have characterized as four bumps similar to the backs of camels in the bottom. The Peel that has black spots such as wine offers flavors are a bit bitter, but still there is sweetness and lembutnya.

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Golden Delicious Apples: 

this type is pale yellow. In accordance with its colour, this type of Apple when eaten has a texture that is smooth as butter. This kind of Apple is perfect consumed into desserts.


true to its name, this type of apples came from Mount Fuji, Japan which became popular starting in 1930. Apple offers this type of low acidity and aromatic taste.


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