Eating Family Routine, Many Benefits!

Eating Family Routine

Routine Packed With Families, Many Benefits!

A housewife, Karina (44) capcay and vegetable cooking roast chicken for her family's evening meal. To his daughter, he also makes special scrambled eggs as food favorites.

Karina the egg frying with olive oil so that does not contain a lot of saturated fat. Meanwhile, for her husband who loves sweet tea, Karina any sugar corn is lower in calories.

Shortly thereafter, he made preparations in the kitchen have moved away in the beautiful plates above the dining table. The whole family get together to enjoy any Karina santapannya while chatting exciting about what they experienced that day.

For everyone, the food is close to everyday life. In fact, on a family, customs related to food can bring a lot of positive impact.

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First, family health can awake from eating together and setting the food.

The proof, a study in the journal pediatrics. aappublications shows packed along with the family can improve the nutritional intake of children.

Through research that involves more than 182,000 children aged three to 18 years that, to see that children who eat with your family at least three times a week is 24 percent more often consume healthy foods than the more rare eat with the family. Older children are also so not overweight and rarely "snacking" is not healthy.

Moreover, a researcher from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Julia a. Wolfson said that influence health from eating with the family can be originated from a healthy home-cooked meal frequency and not high in calories.

"When people are cooking at home more often, they are consuming carbohydrates, sugars, and fats that are less than the rare cookbook," Wolfson said in his research Home Cooking is a Main Ingredient in Healthier diets,

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In addition, the food can be consumed at home and arranged themselves in a reasonable portion. Alerts you of, when eating food from the restaurant usually has large portions, so be encouraged the obesity problem in America.

Not only in terms of portion, unhealthy food crusts can be processed more healthy by cooking it at home. For example like Karina, the food is usually fried with butter or oil is high in saturated fat, digantinya with corn oil or olive oil.

It strengthens family ties

The benefits of eating with the family matter cannot be underestimated. Alerts you of, the data indicated the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) also shows that children who eat with their families more often tend to be the spirit of the school and rarely Miss.

Psychologically, the moments of eating together that is, all members of the family get together, swap stories and lamented over their fate, give each other support, so that it could be a moment to much closer to each other.

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Not just eat, Cook together any activity will keep family ties itself.

According to psychologist Ruth Ibrahim, family cooking together family interaction involved since the beginning, from the planning stages, such as selecting a menu and shopping, to the stage of processing and consumption.

"No need to elaborate dishes. That is important to bring the whole family, and laukan with having a good time, "said Ruth quote from

Given the benefits obtained, the routine of eating with the family cooking together and schedule needs to be tried. To that end, provide always fresh ingredients and healthy.

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Well, ready to give benefits to families through food?


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