GM Diet, quick way Down Weight in 7 days

GM Diet

GM diet, quick way Down Weight in 7 days

GM diet, also known as General Motors diet only requires you to limit your portion of the menu and eat for a diet for a week in Exchange for a hefty weight down fantastic — up to 7 pounds. Tantalizing to try is not it?

But the end result of this will be seamlessly achieved if you do it right. Refer to the multi-GM diet and paced right through this guide below.

What is a GM diet? Early GM diet originally used for General Motors employees in 1985 in the United States, and spread among the public. In this diet you are asked to plan a minimal food intake calories but rich in nutrient intake, which should be followed in 7 consecutive days.

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It is important to note that most meals in the GM diet plan involves variations of fruits and vegetables.

For example, the food on the first day, you are only allowed to eat fruits. Then, on the second day, you are allowed to eat only vegetables, and so on. GM diet did promise you the following result:

  • Lose 7 pounds of body weight in just one week
  • Disposing of toxins and impurities in your body
  • Improve the function of the digestive system
  • Improve your body to burn more fat

Guides lead a GM diet

GM diet recommends You to multiply eat foods that contain a lot of water. The reason, fruit, vegetables, and foods that contain a lot of water is believed to be able to increase the fat burning while helping to rinse toxins from the body.

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Sample meal plan GM diet patterns:

  1. The first day. You are encouraged to just eat fruit. Can be any fruit except bananas.
  2. The second day. You are encouraged to eat vegetables, can be eaten raw or cooked.
  3. The third day. You still advisable to eat fruit and vegetables. Except bananas and potatoes.
  4. The fourth day. You are advised to eat bananas and milk only. You can eat a large banana fruit 6, or 8 small banana fruit. While the milk is consumed it is recommended to use low-fat milk as much as 3 cups. consumption bananas and milk only.
  5. The fifth day. You are advised to eat 2 servings of meat without fat (may be meat, beef, fish, chicken) as many as 300 grams accompanied with 6 plum tomatoes. Don't forget also to increase the intake of water is enough to help solving the purin from consumption of meat. You are still allowed to eat vegetable soup.
  6. The sixth day. Just like the previous day, you are encouraged to eat as many as 300 grams of meat and vegetables, except potatoes.
  7. The seventh or last day. You're allowed to eat rice, but only red rice only. In addition you also recommended eating fruit or vegetables raw. May also drink the juice

You are encouraged to drink plenty of plain water (up to 12-15 cups) each day during her meal. This aims to help removing toxins from your body.

It is not necessarily safe for everyone

Although this diet recommends that you eat a lot of healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables and eating sweet foods, the diet still had many shortcomings.

This diet if done continuously, could potentially reduce some important nutrients in your body that is not found in fruits and vegetables, such as proteins. Though indeed protein intake can increase appetite and weight, but we should not forget the importance of immediately also functions of proteins for the body.
Protein is important for repair and regeneration of cells and tissues of the body, regulates the hormones and the immune system of the body to supply energy and build muscle.

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As a result, the GM diet too often can make the body lack protein. In addition, important nutritional deficiency in the body, whatever its form, will not cause weight loss.

There, limiting the kinds of foods every day can actually make you dizzy and thus quick to want to eat more on the third or fourth day.

Nutritional deficiencies can make you experience severe hair loss, skin becomes dry, easily tired, muscles become weak, and anemia. Only a few calories that enter the body combined with the were not offset by regular exercise, making the GM diet can also cause the metabolism of the body become slower.

Rather than implement a diet "yo-yo", and weight you down again, try to do a healthy diet while diligently working out diligently. In this way, though more slowly, but will make your weight loss is more healthy.

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