Increase The Passion of Making Love With This Food

Increase The Passion of Making Love

Increase the passion of making love with this food

It seemed nearly everyone agrees that that love often comes from the stomach. Yes, this is because the food is able to add calories aka heat into your body, so any passions arise after you dine.

But who would have thought, it turns out that there are also some home-cooked foods that can increase your stamina while your passion and your partner. However, just the two of you enjoy in the evening after work went home. Scuba desire guaranteed vanish, afterwards you will be ready for action on the bed.

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Sea fish

Sea fish rich in omega 3 like tuna and mackerel is beneficial for improving the body's endurance and passion. No wonder men with low libido is often advisable consume sea fish.

Enjoy grilled fish as dinner, and then go on to enjoy desserts like ice cream in the bedroom.

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For those of you who avoid carbohydrates at dinner, avocados can be a substitute for the calories.

Add the avocados in salads of Greens and then enjoy together the couple while watching a favorite series. Avocados are rich in potassium and vitamin B 6 which will add to the sexual drive.


A glass of chocolate milk, warm or cold always makes You sleep better. But the benefits of milk not only makes you easy to sleep, but also increases the blood flow so that it helps you to orgasm. Afterwards you will sleep much more soundly.

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After all supplies food, usually stays there eggs in your refrigerator. Invite couples enjoy omelets, scrambled eggs, or egg half-cooked with boiled potatoes.

Protein and vitamin B6 in egg will help overcome the instability of the hormone in your body, so you'll feel more relaxed and ready to indulge with a partner.

Oyster bake butter

Oysters contain the mineral zinc which increase testosterone production thus adding men's sexual arousal. In addition, zinc also acts as a conductor of the message on the nerve impulses so that makes men more sensitive to stimuli.

Grilled Oyster with butter and lemon to remove the scent of the fishy.

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Strawberry juice

When you and your spouse are currently dieting, a glass of juice has always been fine dining in the evening. Tonight try to enjoy a glass of fresh Strawberry juice without sugar.

Strawberries contain vitamin C which increases the fertility of the man. Taste fresh inflicted after drink it also incites the passion of a couple.


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