Keep 9 Drinks This from Your Child

Keep 9 Drinks

Keep this drink 9 from your child

Lifestyle changes while it certainly made all the old people have to act more carefully when giving food or drink to the child. You should be aware that there is an adverse effect in the food or drink available today such as: obesity, addiction, and so on.

Most parents habits you might take include childhood first to apply to the child. If we get used to it, we would be very difficult to change these habits. It's good, you start to change the pattern in educating children about the ill effects of the consumption of unhealthy substances, even though it was delicious for your kids.

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The following drinks we recommend you do not give to children, as reported by from Boldsky.


Coffee is one of the sources of caffeine drinks. At this time, your child can easily consume caffeine through other sources such as ice cream or soda. So, you do not need to obey the wishes of the child to drink coffee. The desire of the child to drink coffee, you can replace it with healthy drinks like milk.


Just like coffee, you can also eliminate tea from a list of drinks you serve. If you still want your kids enjoy the tea, you can give him black tea or green tea. And it will be better yet, when you presented it unsweetened.

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Fizzy drinks

Most of the children are now consuming soft drinks or soda is not healthy. However, you as a parent should not allow this. Research shows that children who have been consuming soda since childhood will continue drinking until her growing up because its a little addictive. This will increase the risk of certain disorders like obesity and diabetes.

Energy drinks and fruit juices

Energy drinks

Energy drinks are not so healthy for you, even for adults. Caffeine levels contained in the drink will cause a danger your child made. The content in this drink will affect the child's sleep patterns and no good consumed in a long time.

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Fruit juice sweetened

If you are concerned about Your children's health, it is better to give them fresh fruit juice unsweetened. Added sugar is not good for the kids even for adults.

Bottled juice and milkshakes

Juice bottle

When you want to let your children enjoy fruit juices, you can use fresh fruit and juice prepared at home. Avoid to mencamtumkan juice bottle in your shopping list.


Why milkshakes drinks are included in the list is less good? Milkshakes contain a lot of sugar and saturated fat. So, avoid milkshakes while you are still too small.

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Fizzy drinks

They are the worst drinks sparkling for your teeth. These drinks contain a lot of sugar and acidic which is capable of damaging your teeth.

Roadside drinks

These drinks are dangerous because they contain certain toxic substances and artificial coloring is not healthy, even though the display and it was liked by children. So make sure your children do not consume this drink.


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