Is It True That Love Makes People Stupid? This Scientific Study

Love Makes People Stupid

Is It True That Love Makes People Stupid? This Scientific Study

Singer Bruce Springsteen once said through the song "Crush on You" from the album The River as follows, "my brain liburkan first, give wider spaces to heart."

When we love-stricken, single obsession to lover can suppress other aspects in intellectual life, for example learning or work.

Specifically, love passion associated with declining cognitive control. Whereas the control it is our ability to focus on one thing while ignoring the various disorders.

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Furthermore, when thinking about love, we reach for the worse results in doing analytic thinking tasks. Thus quoted from Pyschology Today

The researchers suspect that the feeling of love give the stimulation of areas of the brain associated with rewards and lower activity areas of the brain that are associated with other cognitive functions.

Although love weakens some cognitive ability, such as short-term memory and attention, the experience of love may improve neurological functions such as identification of the emotional state and creative thinking.

It should be noted that research involving Undergraduate students, so it is not clear whether love also makes stupid people who are older.

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Sex Make Smart

Although it is not surprising that love makes us stupid, we may be surprised that sex even make smarter.

Some evidence suggests that sexual activities are associated with better cognitive ability in adults.

Adults who remain interested and involved with sexual activities also maintains a stronger cognitive ability such as verbal skills, sequencing numbers, and memorizing.

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The researchers suspect that sex increases the secretion of dopamine which then helps improve short-term memory and cognitive ability.

But, this research involves adult relative , i.e. over the age of 50 years.

Thus, we cannot conclude that people aged under 50 years of age will benefit from an increased interest and participation in the sex.

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But, when the volunteers requested research add to the frequency of sexual intercourse, they even showed a decrease in the level of happiness.

Well, more like to be smart or happy?


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