5 Facts an Important Men's Fertility Problem

Men's Fertility Problem

5 facts an important men's Fertility Problem

Fertility and pregnancy issues are usually more frequent haunts women than men. In fact, fertility and pregnancy is a health issue that concerns both sides. Both women and men should both know about fertility and reproductive system.

So you men don't lag information, refer to the various important facts used to be a matter of following men's fertility.

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1. Life style strongly influenced men's fertility

Not just genetic factors that affect the fertility of men, lifestyle factors can also determine Your wife's pregnancy. A number of research proves that smoking, drinking alcohol too often, lack of exercise, or too often exercise the weight will increase your risk is not fertile.

Your work is also quite important for the health of the sperm. The reason, men who are often exposed to hazardous chemicals in the workplace tend to be more difficult to have offspring.

So if you work in a factory, often inhaling or exposed to chemicals from the paints and the like, does not hurt to see the obstetrician when pursuit of pregnancy.

2. the male also has a "time limit"

You may have already often hear when women had a "deadline" of fertility. Women aged 35 years and over did have lower pregnancy chances of women age 20 's. However, men also turned out to have a time limit on fertility.

Although deadlines are not as tightly as the woman, various studies revealed that sperm quality and male fertility will continue to decrease as you get older.

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3. men who infertile usually shows no symptoms of anything

In women, you could see some symptoms of infertile before trying to conceive, for example irregular menstruation. However, in most cases, male fertility problems showed no signs of anything. Hard wife pregnant is usually the first symptoms appear.

However, there are some factors that can increase the risk of a man becoming less fertile. Among these are:
  1. erectile dysfunction (impotence)
  2. pain, swelling, or lumps in the testicular area
  3. history exposed to sexually transmitted diseases

4. men's fertility problems turned out to be quite common

If you and your spouse have a difficult descent, usually more often cause for concern is women who are infertile or sterile. In fact, no such allegation in General, fertility problems in men there as great as female fertility problems.

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Summarized from various surveys, a third of infertile couples caused by reproductive problems for men. The other third was caused by the female reproductive problems and one-third of the remainder caused by reproductive problems both of them, both men and women.

This means if there's a tough pair have offspring, should not directly charge problem on women only. Better if both are equally direct saw a doctor. The sooner you check and detects a problem, the bigger Your chances anyway had offspring.

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5. The temperature of the heat is the enemy of sperm

Hot temperatures can ruin the quality of Your sperm. So, try so that everyday you are not in the heat for too long. So that the sperm is not damaged due to exposure to hot temperatures, you should also not use the pants are too tight, long soak in hot water, go to the sauna, sitting folded away for too long, as well as sitting assuming the laptop.


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