It takes a woman to Reach the peak of sexual satisfaction

the peak of sexual satisfaction

It takes a woman to Reach the peak of sexual satisfaction

The majority of women need more than just sexual penetration to reach orgasm. For example, mood, emotional intimacy, and of course the stimulation of the clitoris is very instrumental. Recent research confirms this.

The research results were published in the Journal of Sex Marital Therapy & analyze data more than 1,055 18-94 year old woman who answered an online survey about sex life.

Survey results it gives a lot of information. Although 18.4 percent of women are lucky to be able to achieve orgasm only with sex penetration, but it took a 36.6 percent said they the stimulation of the clitoris.

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About 36 percent of respondents said the other, although they do not always need clitoral stimulation to reach the "finish line", but their orgasm will be more satisfying if the clitoris gets a special touch organs.

The research also dig deeper about the preferred female genital stimulai, and the results vary widely. As much as 82 percent said with a touch of rhythmic movements, like the alternating pattern (76 percent), alternating between intense movement and less intense, as well as with tenderness in order for the storage of longer, selected about 75 percent respondents.

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Most respondents say the peak of sexual satisfaction, aka their orgasms much better if their partner is willing to spend a little bit longer to warm-up.

When their partners understand the desires of the respondents, they feel emotional intimacy, likewise when couples do a clitoris stimulation.

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