Should We Take A Bath Every Day?

Take A Bath

Should We Take A Shower Every Day?

Bath is one of the evidences of civilization and human culture. Once upon a time, people do not take a shower may not be a problem. But as the development of the times, people are starting to know how to be healthier, more attractive, and more convenient. And the bath is one way.

We who live in the tropics have become accustomed to bathe twice a day, morning and afternoon. Sometimes more when our activity causes the body is dirty, or if because there are other reasons, about to date for example.

In a climate such as Indonesia, not bath will make body sticky and smell. More rarely come into contact again with SOAP and water, the skin becomes itchy and oily hair. For this reason, it is natural that we cannot forget. The question is: does the bath have to do every day? Can we just wash your hands, clean your face and change of clothing?

The following are some of the explanations is medically from the beauty experts and surgeons such as offered from pages of GQ.

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Depending On The Climate

"If you live in a dry climate or in a place with extreme winter, then too often taking a bath with hot water and SOAP using too much can make the skin becomes dry. However, in humid areas, if you often work out, take a shower every day will be a requirement to keep acne, body odor, or other skin problems such as fungal rashes. "said Dr. Kendra Watson from Dakota Dermatology in Sioux Falls, SD.

So is natural when you don't take a shower when you live in the cold or in winter. However if you are a resident of Jakarta or other big cities in Indonesia, then a bath into something important.

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Depending On Lifestyle

"If you are the one with the smell of sweat, then for the sake of the common good, please take a shower every day. This will lower the risk of blockage of the pores, acne and shunned risk counterparts because of the pungent aroma. "said Dr. James Collyer of Modern Dermatology in the Seattle.

"I recommend that everyone take a bath at least once a day. When their routine is active and causing sweating, I recommend twice. The bath also helps cleanse the body from bacteria, fungus, and chemicals such as pesticides or pollution. "said Dr. Christopher O'Connell from Skin Associates in South Florida in Miami.

Well if you are the kind of person whose activity is high, often travelling using public transport or motorcycle, too often are in the open, then the bath is a good routine for you ... and also other people who are close to you.

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Depending On The Gene

"For those who have oily to normal skin, I would recommend a shower each day to minimize the risk of infection, reduce the body odor, and avoiding acne," says Dr. Ted Lain of Dermatology in Austin TX.

However, people with sensitive skin, who have eczema or dry skin, may want to avoid taking a bath every day. SOAP and water tends to be stripped the skin from natural moisturizer, therefore bathing every day can make the skin drier and more sensitive. Instead, they can rinse portion of the body with water and focus attention on the area of armpits and crotch with SOAP.
"Most people should also not washing her hair every day. Wearing excessive shampoo will remove the natural oils which help dazzling and dashed hair. We recommend that you wash the hair three or four times a week with a quality shampoo. "said Lauren Rachel expert care men's Salon Board for Men.

Even so, reviewed from the perspective of health, it turns out we don't have to take a shower every day. Human skin is not designed to be cleaned of oils and natural good bacteria every day through the bath. In addition, there are a few disadvantages when we take a shower every day, such as the skin becomes dry and disruption of natural ecosystems and the pH of the good bacteria, said Dr. Jeremy Fenton of Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City.

Then how? This problem, skin and health experts have a deal or intersection point, which again depends on the circumstances of each person.

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"Take a shower every day is actually not too influential on the health of the skin, but also not a bad thing. If you choose for bathe every day, avoid using SOAP can dry out the skin or polisher. Focus on areas of body odor (groin, armpits, legs), and don't forget to wear moisturizer after a bath, "said Dr. James Collyer.

"For those who don't want to take a shower every day but don't want to have the scent of tuberose, no body can use a washcloth to clean the parts which become the source of foul smell like armpits, the groin, buttocks and feet." said Dr. Jeremy Fenton.

In addition, the bath is also no need to linger, no need to soak, and not have to always use hot water. Simply rinse the body and menyabuninya for 5 minutes with cold water or warm water. That way, you get the freshness, the smell of bad taste, at once does not make the skin become too dry.


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