5 Steps to Achieve Heavenly Sexual Relationships

Heavenly Sexual Relationships

5 steps to Reach Heaven Intercourse

Sex or sexual intercourse is not only limited to biological, but also the satisfaction of basic needs in maintaining a relationship with a partner. Without sex, romance will taste bland and boring. Sex is the key to the creation of the love hormone, oxytocin.

You may feel bored with sex activities that-that's all, so tend to ignore it. This is the time you and your partner are trying a new style in making love to reach Nirvana.

Nirvana? Sounds strange indeed. But you and your partner will sense something different when reach Nirvana, is more than just an orgasm.

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Alerts you of Times of India,  here are the 5 ways to attain Nirvana.

Dancing together

How long have you and your spouse could not dance or dance together? This is the time You turned on the romantic songs and asked her to dance. Let the movement and the rhythm of the song flows together until you and your partner getting passionate.

Dancing will flood the body with dopamine, a hormone of happiness. Sexual intercourse beginning with happiness will make you and your partner more and enjoy every touch and action that occurs in a bed.

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2. A massage

There is no denying if massage can raise one's passion. Give to couples massage on tense muscles become relaxed. Once he felt comfortable, slide it a massage You to sensitive zones. This massage will produce sexual tensions culminate in orgasm.

3. playing naughty

When was the last time you made love while playing? Well, this time You hold the game culminate in sex activity. Strip poker is the best way to perform a plain in front of the pair. Sure, your partner's libido will not be tempted with the appearance of nude you?

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 4. New Sex Positions

If you are stuck in the position of missionaries, his time has come to try a new style. Went out of my comfort zone and try something new.

Maybe you can try the X position. This position was done with the two couples sitting on a bed, with both feet facing each other. Men's right leg is lifted above the woman's left leg, and a woman's right leg is lifted on top of left foot men. Do this at the same time. After that both partners lie, with the formation of the X.

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5. Fantasize

Sex is not a daily chore that must be in the path. There is no harm in your trying sex fantasy that exists in the minds and apply on the couple. Please select the role wild sex activity in order for the more passionate. Let your imagination take over.


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