The Best Time To Make Love If Not Want To Get Pregnant

Best Time To Make Love

The Best Time To Make Love If Not Want To Get Pregnant

Make you and your partner are not yet willing to get pregnant, doesn't mean it shouldn't be having sex at all. There are moments in which the odds of pregnancy. Anytime time safe and best sex if you don't want to get pregnant?

Before determining the most secure fuck time, understand first how the menstrual cycle occurs. The reason, fertility and pregnancy are very determined by this cycle. Every woman has a menstrual cycle varies, ranging from 21 to 31 days. In one round of the menstrual cycle, the body undergoes a series of changes.

The first day of the cycle starts from the first day of menstruation. While the last day of the cycle is precisely the day before the next menstruation. On the first day of the menstrual cycle, the body is being shed the wall of the uterus (marked with menstrual bleeding).

After the bleeding stopped, there was the beginning of ovulation. Early ovulation fertile period also known as because at this point the body was preparing himself releasing the egg. If you have sex during this time, the chances of pregnancy are high.

The reason, sperm cells will survive up to five days. If there is still some sperm cells in a woman's body when the egg is released (release of the egg is called ovulation),both these cells will meet and conception. Conception of cells that succeed will grow into a fetus.

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Avoid the time of flourishing

The early days of ovulation and the period of ovulation occur starting from the 7-19days before the next menstruation. However, this count can continue changing the menstrual cycle, even though the same every month.

When not yet want to get pregnant, avoid having sex without contraception in the fertile. The moment in which the woman is not fertile or opportunity small is her pregnancy on the first day of menstruation until the day seven. At this time, the egg is not produced so that sperm cells cannot perform the conception.
After menstruation is complete, there is a very narrow time gaps, i.e. 1-2 days for having sex with a pregnant minor risk. If you fuck without birth control the day after the menstruation is complete, the sperm may still live in the body for up to five days later. After that sperm cells will die. Meanwhile, the egg might be released days after sperm cells die. Thus, any difficult pregnancies occur.

In order to prevent pregnancy, some people utilise this infertile time to have sex. In this way, also known as the calendar method. However, there is no guarantee of medical certainty that pregnancy and not likely to occur when you have sex in the infertile.

The chance of pregnancy is indeed smaller than the sex in the fertile, but still there are chances of getting pregnant anytime you have sex without contraception.

Because, it is difficult to determine exactly when the period of fertile and infertile person. Perhaps changing the menstrual cycle continues. Then, when ovulation is happening faster than expected, a woman may become pregnant despite having sex while menstruating.

Factors such as hormone levels, lifestyle, and health conditions of women affect the change cycle. So you can't use the date of the last menstruation as an absolute benchmark when the next menstruation or ovulation time will arrive. The calculation off cycle that is recommended by a doctor or midwife only serves as an overview only.

If you do not want to get pregnant, don't just look for the best time to make love with the risk of pregnancy. You should also make use of the more powerful contraceptives, such as condoms or birth control pills. With Your help, contraceptive method sand any couples can still have sex without having to worry too much conceded.


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