7 Ways to Make Women always Want to Sex Routine and Desirous

Sex Routine and Desirous

7 ways to make Women always want to eager to Fuck

Wants to have frequencies sex routine and desirous? You should never feel old. The feeling of ' I'm old ' apparently to decrease a person's desire to make love.

Interesting fact is known through study of 1,200 participants age of middle-aged and elderly people during the past 10 years. When a person feels old, he becomes less passionate sex and consider the quality of the sex is getting worse.

Meanwhile, the participants felt was younger than his age, the sex life of the far more routine and desirous. They also feel much healthier and live longer as The researcher disclosed the Kinsey Institute, United States.

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Another one, a person who felt the young tend to be less experienced chronic pain, such as quote Womens Health, Wednesday page

However, from the study of unknown number of best sex at the age of middle-aged and elderly. If according to another study from the University of Toronto Canada, people who have sex once a week to feel happier. As time passes, it is increasingly rare to fuck. At the time stepped on the 80-90s, about 32 percent of them only have sex twice in a month.

Live a sexual life, married couples could not mutually selfish. Each needs to understand the desires of the couple so alike achieve happiness in preclude.

Routine Make Love Make Women More Beautiful

The problem, often women do not dare to express what he feels. As a result, many husbands are wondering, how can satisfy his partner.

To know the husband, the woman has a secret that could make her the more passion. So the husband no longer feel confused, this article broke the seven secrets to seduce women, as quoted from Timesofindia.

1. Express feelings of love

The passion of women will more readily ignite when they listen to expressions of feelings of love from her partner. Men must be expressed his feelings, so the desire to fuck his wife could be ignited in a short time.

2. Many women worry about appearance

After marriage and childbirth, many women feel less for couples. Therefore, to increase the confidence of himself, occasionally give praise to him. This will effect conferring on the ' action ' of the woman while making love.

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3. Women like to fuck husband helps improve mood

Women need a gentle treatment and feelings before making love. For example, how to treat it when to bed. This greatly affects the response and performance in bed. The attitude of not caring, strong language, crude, hurtful words, and the criticism only makes women feel enthusiastic and eager hard during sex.

4. An orgasm is not a must for women

Many men think that either spouse was could make women reach the peak of sexual pleasure. It's not wrong if the pair can be fun, but it must not always climax is important for women. Sometimes, rather than having to climax, a woman more fond of foreplay alone.

5. Don't be too serious when making love

Fuck with a playfully distraction thus higher quality. Many men are too serious about sex. They forget to laugh, naughty, romantic, and fun. Fuck while performing game can create an intimate moment into a pleasant and relaxing.

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6. Women love to caress

Women love romantic treatment of the, hugs, and kisses the hand grip. Many women complain, because the couple they rarely or never do this. Not only when making love, when spending time both, women love to be pampered with a touch and kisses.

7. The importance of warm attention after fuck

Most women complain that their partners directly asleep after making love. It is true that when a guy having sex, the rate of endorphin is very high. After ejaculation, the man through a refraktori phase, when he lost his erection. Whereas for women, phase it happens gradually.

So, if you don't like the couple directly to bed, tell him. Invite your husband to chat while you are still in her arms. After that, the two of you can fall asleep slumbering.


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