What to Do When a Wife Is Afraid to Use Contraception?

Afraid to Use Contraception

What to Do When a Wife Is Afraid to Use Contraception?

The use of contraception in women is often overlooked for some reason, from the fear of pain, fear of being fat, until the bleeding--who arguably actually as myth.

When a wife fears emerge, her husband what to do? The following tips from Dr. Tirsa Verani SpOG.

1. don't join the fear

Fear of wearing contraceptives on women are common. Moreover, at the time postpartum. For example, the method KB intrauterine device (IUD) or spiral is often considered to cause pain and other risks. In fact, such methods already recognized the effectiveness of the prevention of pregnancy.

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Generally the husband, said Tirsa, also feel the fear and even suggest a wife so as not to take the method of KB. "If you have more knowledge, explan first (benefit KB), but it is recommended to health workers. Can to midwife, GP or obstetrician, "said Tirsa to Compass Lifestyle, Jakarta, Monday (26/9/2017).

It's way better than listening to others as a neighbor or friend who does not have the competence reserved KB. In addition, when you've decided to see a doctor, then it could be collected in advance questions about contraception.

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"Please ask all. Do not let the new back from doctors and even baseball can the right information because it does not ask, "said Tirsa.

2. Planned

Tirsa also suggested the installation of contraception women discussed earlier, i.e. during pregnancy. The talk was at once as preparation installation KB after childbirth. "Now there's already depleted KB lahiran can directly be mounted," she said.

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3. Understand pregnancy spacing problem

Well, as a husband, the man must also understand very well when the best distance between the child's pregnancy. According to Tirsa, ideal distance is four to five years. This must be understood so that when the wife wants KB not be hindered.

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"If the wife afraid, don't tell me all tired or maybe some baseball," he said.

It is important to understand, a planned pregnancy impact on domestic life and growth of the child. Therefore, delaying pregnancy for four to five years is it wise that should have understood the husband.


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