Why Are Stomach Always Hungry?

Always Hungry

Why The Stomach Is Always Hungry?

Hunger is not always because we haven't eaten. Lack of sleep, too stressed, even watching TV can also make us hungry.

Hormonal disorders, mood, and also chose the wrong spoon also note can trigger hunger.

"Hunger is not as simple as we needed to eat to meet physical needs. There are many physical and biological aspects, as well as the environmental factors that influence hunger, "said researchers from Cornell University food field, Aner Tal.

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Other factors that also cause us hungry illegitimate is eating habits. "If you're a regular every day eat 2 pm, then you will feel hungry at this time although at that time the stomach is not empty," he said.

Well, if you always everyday snacking, then any body will slowly learn to expect food at any time.

According to experts of the endocrine (hormonal) Dr. Belinda Lennerz, our food choices also affect hunger.

"A hunger trigger us to seek out and consume food in order to make available a sufficient amount of energy as a reserve in the blood," said Lennerz a lot of researching on hunger and cravings.

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It will be achieved if we are eating foods that are high in fat, protein, and fiber, slowly digested by the body.

Lennerz describes the food helps the body, even if we achieve a sense of fullness for a few hours before meal times, but there are also foods that trigger we always want to eat again. The food is carbohydrates.

In his book "Always Hungry?" Dr. David Ludwig mentioned, processed carbohydrates such as white bread, white rice, potato-based food, sugary drinks, and pastries, should be restricted.

"This food mess up the body's natural hunger, namely the control system, which should work well when the body digests food slowly," said Ludwig.

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Unlike the healthy fats and high fiber foods, simple carbs will make our digestive system such as the toy slides, fast food is easily digested and feels hungry. The body quickly release insulin into the blood circulation to normalize blood sugar spike.

Insulin will capture calories from sugar and food into the "closet storage" i.e. the fat cells. "This will not only cause weight gain but also trick the body to believe we need more energy. We will feel hungry again, "said Ludwig.

Unfortunately, it is not easy to avoid hunger, especially in this modern era where food is always available at any time.

"Just by looking and smelling food, will develop a process in the brain to trigger hunger. This means watching TV shows about cooking or see the snacks on the shelf can make us want to eat, "said Lennerz.

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Some recent studies have also shown that foods that are processed, especially those high in sugar, will activate the brain's reward system equivalent to the desire of smoking, drugs, and other addictive substances.

Then, how can we control this hunger? First, start reducing the food that is processed. Consume more dietary fiber. The research also shows, do meditation, gentle exercise, can also suppress the desire to eat.


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