10 reasons why You Can't stop eating, not because it could Die, this Answer Logically

Can't stop eating

10 reasons why You Can't stop eating, not because it could Die, this Answer Logically

You might wonder how there can be people who constantly want to chew something?
First, you need to understand why we get hungry.
Then are you really hungry at all.
Let's learn it carefully and understand our mistakes.

1. thirsty

If you just eat well and feel hungry again, remember the last time a drink of water.
Drink one glass, and wait a minute.
Hunger will subside, and you might even realize that it had nothing at all.
Rules: Keep drinking. The best option is to train the body to consume a lot of water in the morning and half an hour before eating.

2. Empty calories

Get something delicious. "this is where the origin of empty calories.
Sweet treats, although in small amounts, only excites the appetite, not saturating the body with nutrients that are beneficial.
Rules: Reduce the amount of carbohydrates quickly, and try to eat healthy foods.

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3. Lack of sleep

With deep sleep 7-8, hunger will not wake you up at night.
In the evening, our bodies produce the hormone melatonin, which is responsible not only for the operation of the organs of our body but also to our appearance.
The rule is: sleep before midnight to make it look fresh and beautiful.

4. Behavior under pressure

We all fall into two categories with regard to stress: they are not even able to see the food, and they knew that delicious cake will help in a terrible situation.
If you include in the second group, these points for you.
The main rule is to remember that stress is not an excuse to conquer buy much candy.
Contact your relatives talk about things that are fun, a walk in the Park, go to exercise, read a book, or watch an interesting TV show.
Do something useful instead of sobbing on top of a bucketful of ice cream.

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5. Snacks a useless

Alcohol stimulates the appetite. Therefore, before partying with friends, keep your menu in advance.
Rules: select light snacks and healthy. There are subtleties for each drink.

6. lack of protein

Don't forget to include protein in food because it adds vivacity, energy, and a sense of satiety.
Rule: vegetables and fruit are of course good, but protein is a basic diet.
There's yogurt, lean meat, chicken, eggs, and many other products to fill the proteins, so there is no reason.

7. The lack of the right fats

There are different types of fat. Fast food, fried, fatty, smoked, and processed to be left for special occasions.
But the good fats must exist in our weekly shopping list: Red fish, olive oil, nuts, avocados, and seeds.
Don't sacrifice important building blocks in the pursuit of the perfect body.

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8. The pattern of good eating

Usually, we have to eat 5 times a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks.
You can't miss them.

9. Instagram (wait, what?)

Trends food photos Instagram keeps us thinking about food.
We browse Instagram or look for what needs to be cooked in the evening and begin to feel hungry.

10. Snacking on the go

From childhood, we are taught that it is forbidden to eat at the dinner table.
And, it turns out, this is not just the desire of our parents but also the principle of consumption of food which is very important.
The main rule is to relax and treat food intake as a pleasant ritual.
Another trick to fool the body chew every mouthful is a little longer.

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