11 Characteristics of Female Infertility

Female Infertility
All married couples naturally want to have a kid who is smart and healthy. But all desire it is very difficult to come true if one partner is infertile. There are various signs infertile can occur in women and men. There should be no mutual blame when already married because it's not just women who are infertile, the guy could also be infertile. This is a very sensitive issue in fact already can be seen especially in women. The following are some characteristics of the barren women early on that need to be observed of all the women.

Less weight

The barren women often experience hormonal problems and all that can be seen from the physical. One of the things most often happens is a very low weight. This can be caused by several things including hardware sporting the destructive system of hormones and the absorption of nutrients in the body. Then when the women go on a diet without fat then your weight will decrease rapidly. As a result the weight would be decreases rapidly which then can trigger hormonal systems disrupted and make women infertile.

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Heavy menstruation

Women who experience irregular periods with a very heavy period does not mean that Harbinger is lush. Excess menstrual time blood can be a sign of the existence of conditions which refers to infertility. The term heavy bleeding is one of the menstrual disorders that occur due to the thickening of the lining of the uterus, hormone balance, and psychic condition such as high levels of stress. then heavy bleeding when menstruation can also occur due to the lack of progesterone in the body that triggers the ovaries do not produce egg cells. This could also be a sign that the reproductive tract do not experience normal ovulation

Irregular menstruation

Another sign of the barren women who very clearly was an irregular menstrual cycle. Could have been a time of menstruation come very fast and short. But in the next menstrual period occurs with heavy bleeding. And at other times can happen not menstruate at all. This could be a clue that the body does not experience ovulation at all so no ovum. And this is the problem because this woman will not get pregnant unless with good care.

Menstruation did not come suddenly

Women who have experienced menopause may indeed not be having menstruation. But all it shows obvious signs. While in women who are still fertile age entry may not be experiencing menstruation suddenly. This means that these women do not experience menstruation without any symptoms. This is also a hint that there is a very serious hormonal problems as well as possible problems of reproductive ailments in women.

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Menstruation is very sick

Not all pain during menstruation refers to traits women barren, because this could be a normal condition. But some women who have experienced this also can happen because it is barren. A very painful menstruation can occur due to hormonal problems and diseases of the ovary or ovaries. Especially if accompanied with some symptoms such as pain during urination, the blood, the more, the blood clot, there's blood while urinating and rectum. Endometriosis sometimes can not be diagnosed however with an examination of the details then it can be found quickly

Suddenly severe acne

Women who are infertile may also experience acne problems. Severe acne be a sign that there is a serious hormonal problems. When acne is bad then women can have PCOS which the body produces more androgen hormones. This is a hormone that is supposed to be on a man's body so that it can interfere with fertility if it occurs in women. Production of high androgen hormones can also cause irregular ovulation, acne very much and abnormal menstruation.

A lot of hair on the body

Women generally have less hair than men. However, when the production of androgens in the body is very high so women can have fine hair. This type of fine hair more found on the upper lip, face, wrists, armpits, chest and stomach. If there are already symptoms of androgen in the body so it could be very high and should be treated immediately.

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The more hair loss

When women experience hair loss then it can become a very serious sign. There are many things that can cause hair is getting thin and makes you not confident. Influence that often occur include such as the thyroid gland that is not normal, there is an autoimmune disease, anemia, and androgen production is high. So look at the characteristics of this barren woman

Low sex lust

Infertile women who usually also have a sex appetite level is very low. They do not have normal sex urge as a fertile woman. This could happen because of depression or stress. But when women have disorders of the reproductive system then it will typically complain of pain after sex. And this is what could possibly be the cause there is no encouragement for sex.

Weight rises quickly

The woman who is suddenly experiencing excessive weight gain can happen due to PCOS. This could make a very high androgen levels. Then insulin production can also be higher. This hormone system disorders is very heavy for the body and then can make a woman's body has a metabolism which is heavier. This is what makes the body into fat faster than other women.

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Inability to get pregnant after marriage

There is no definite sign of how women can be declared infertile. However, when women are married a long time and did not use any contraception, but also not pregnant then it could be a sign of barren. Usually this condition can be stated after the examination. But the early symptoms can still be observed in accordance with some of the other symptoms listed above.

This is the variety of characteristics women barren early on which can be monitored either by examination of the doctor or just by looking at other symptoms. This trait is indeed very obvious but to get a more accurate result then the examination doctors still needed to be more certain..

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