30 Characterize if Your Fetus is Male

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Pregnancy necessarily be very eagerly awaited by married couples, particularly those who have not had children. No wonder would-be parents usually don't wait for gestational age the mother enters the age of 7 months. When that gender can be detected. Actually don't have to wait too long, the traits of pregnant children male can be known through the following ways:

1. Lazy cooking

Cooking is usually highly preferred women preclude. But if pregnant women suddenly become lazy cooking kitchen and touching, this is a pregnant boy traits that accurately. Expectant mothers so prefer to buy food outside instead of cooking. These symptoms usually appear at the age of 4 months of pregnancy.

2. Belly protruding at the bottom

Unlike the pregnant girls who prefer sticking to the belly of a pregnant mother, the boy is just the opposite. Boys tend to position below or attached to the mother's womb at the bottom or the middle. Thus if viewed from the outside, the position of the abdomen will protrude at the bottom or the content looks lower than pregnant women who conceive girls.

3. Increased weight drastically

Women who are pregnant boys will experience a rapid increase in her weight. Unlike the pregnant girls that can look slim, pregnant traits an accurate boy boy is heavy bada mother climbed over 10 kg. Eating patterns of pregnant women are indeed changing, therefore from the beginning of pregnancy is important for pregnant women to find out healthy snacks for young pregnant women.

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4. Love the food with high calories

A drastic increase in weight on pregnant mothers boys caused by this. Pregnant mom boy love with high-calorie foods. Pregnant women are very fond of eating meat is high in protein and a wide variety of seafood. Cravings of pregnant women not far from both types of food. Eating fibrous vegetables is better for the health of the mother and the fetus, although there are vegetables that are not good for pregnant women.

5. wedding ring Test

Same with pregnant girls, pregnant boys also can be known through tests of wedding rings. How else is the same, by hooking thread on a wedding ring. Hang above the belly of pregnant women. If the conceived a daughter, then the ring will rotate, but if you move to the left and right, so conceived is a boy.

6. right Breast bigger

Hormonal changes during pregnancy make pregnant body undergoes changes, including on the breast. Both breast pregnant women would indeed be enlarged, but one of the breasts will appear larger than the other. If the larger right breast, then that is the hallmark traits of a pregnant male children.

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7. Like to sleep inclined to the left

Sleeping positions can also be a way to find out the sex of the baby being conceived of pregnant women. Mother boy prefers to sleep with the tilted position facing to the left, while the pregnant girls prefer facing to the right.

8. No nausea in the morning

Nausea in the morning or morning sickness is common in pregnant women. It is important for pregnant women to understand how to cope with excessive nausea while pregnant young. But this did not occur in the pregnant mother boy. If the content is already treading more than ever, morning sickness won't happen. Pregnant women will have a better appetite.

9. Really like sleeping

Unlike the pregnant girls who are very diligent in doing your household chores, mother of boys thus really like spending time with sleep. This will occur in pregnant women from early pregnancy until the old while pregnant.

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10. The lazy clean themselves

Pregnant mom boy it sure would get carried away by the male hormone that is there is no baby. This is particularly apparent on the changing habits of pregnant women. The mother will be very lazy purge himself like to shower or just wash your face. Pregnant boys usually only shower once a day.

11. Skin becomes dry

Being lazy lazy to dress up and get cleaned up, no wonder if the skin of the pregnant mom boy became very dry. This is certainly in contrast to mother daughter whose skin smooth and clean due to the diligent care for themselves.

12. The face looks grim

If pregnant women often get caught Moody and not radiant, does not mean he is not happy. It could be that the mother was pregnant boys. Mother daughter indeed tend to be brighter expression his face than mothers who conceive a boy.

13. The face does not look bright

Mother daughter usually face will look bright and clean. This contrasts with the pregnant mother daughter where her face is thus seen not bright or dull.

14. Lazy to dress up

It could be the face of pregnant women who are not bright caused by this. Mother boy tends to be lazy to dress up and wear makeup. Pregnant women will be severely be stoic with his performance. Dress up usually only done if there are only certain events.

15. Lazy to take care of myself

In addition, pregnant dress up lazy boy too lazy to take care of themselves. Not just lazy bath and wash your face traits, pregnant older male is the capital being lazy even for combing the hair. No wonder mothers during pregnancy be seen disheveled and neglected.

16. The face become dull

Still associated with laziness pregnant women take care of themselves, as a result of the face being dull and black. Surprisingly, this does not interfere with the expectant mother at all, even she was impressed to be stoic. This turned than when mother is not yet pregnant.

17. The shape of the abdomen as the egg

Unlike the pregnant girls who form her stomach rounded as fruit watermelon. Mother boy his stomach will be shaped like a rounded oval eggs. Note the shape of the belly of the mother who is pregnant at the age of 7 months of content up.

18. Face become pimply

Pregnant boys will be vulnerable despite never blotchy breakouts before. An increase in the hormone was the cause of the emergence of pimples on the face of the expectant mother. Unlike the pregnant girl's face clean with no acne.

19. Do not like eating vegetables

Pregnant mothers boys tend to avoid the vegetables. The preferred type of food is the high fatty like bacon and seafood. Despite the restrictions of food vegetable consumption by pregnant women, nonetheless important for a balanced nutrition.

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20. The color of urine

If the color of urine on pregnant mothers very light colored or not, it could be conceived that gender is male. Because the expectant mother daughter darker urine color or yellow.

21. the weak heart rate

The sex of the baby can also known from the heartbeat of the fetus itself. Don't need an ULTRASOUND, detection tools and counters the baby's heartbeat can now be purchased easily. If the baby's heart rate is less than 140 bpm, then a baby conceived is male. Older women have a higher heart rate than that.

22. The fetus more active

Fetal movement or kicks normally new feels if the content has been stepped on for four months or more. But boys were more active than girls will start moving content from the age of 3 months. Fetal movement will increase when the content of an older age.

23. Cold Feet

The foot of the pregnant women, precisely on the soles of the feet will be cold if it contained was a boy. Try holding the soles on pregnant women, if cold then pregnant women being with the boys.

24. Lazy homework

Like the men who don't like to manage homework, mothers who are pregnant boys ever so. Pregnant women be lazy to wash clothes and cleaning the House.

25. Lazy to wear perfume

Pregnant mom boy does look not maintained and neglected. One of the habits that caused it was because pregnant women wear perfume or lazy manner.

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26. Limp

One of the pregnancy disorder trisemester dangerous 2 is pregnant women always feel limp. But it could be that's because pregnant women being with the boys.

27. Food Cravings of salty and sour

Unlike the girls who prefer sweet foods like candy and chocolate, the mother of the boys will be food cravings that tastes salty and sour. This habit can continue up to the age of enlarged uterus.

28. hair grow faster

Due to hormonal changes and the influence of hormones of male fetuses are conceived, hair in pregnant women will grow faster. Not only the hair on the head, but also hair on other parts of the body like the armpits and pubes.

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29. To be more assertive

Pregnant boys usually will experience a change of character. The mother will become more assertive and principled as men because of innate baby was conceived.

30. The body feels lethargic

One of the characteristics of pregnant boys is the mother body often feel lethargic. This led to the pregnant women be lazy to have activity.

That's the hallmark of a pregnant male child characteristics. Although when during pregnancy all the trait shows gender is male, did not cover the possibility of pregnant women will give birth to a daughter. Whatever type of gonads, the child is a gift and treasure from God that must be kept and trained well.

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