5 Benefits of Ice Cream For Pregnant Women and Fetuses

Benefits of Ice Cream
Is it healthy to consume ice cream during pregnancy? The reason of obesity and body of the fetus becomes bigger. The expectant mother will usually steer clear of sugary food consumption such as ice cream. But such assumptions are wrong, because that is actually the ice cream will not give the effect of increasing the amount of energy in the body if consumed in reasonable amounts.

Ice cream is a frozen entree with the texture of semi-solid. Ice cream can be consumed as a snack. Based on the composition of the material, the ice cream can be distinguished into three types, namely, economical, good average, and deluxe. The quality of the ice cream can be determined from the materials and processes of processing. When pregnant, women are advised to consume enough ice cream 2 to 3 cups of only week. Because if consumed in excess in the TWAIN can cause unwanted side effects.

The composition of the making of ice cream are milk, which there are various types of other molecules such as water, fat, protein, carbohydrates, minerals, enzymes, gas, vitamins A, C, and d. in addition, milk is also loaded some components will bioactif like protein milk, lactose, minerals, fatty acids, and calcium. That makes all the products produced by dairy, like ice cream very good to help preserve the health of the body.

Other components found in ice cream is carbs, i.e. lactose. Where the compound was instrumental to add flavor in ice cream, which makes ice cream taste tasty consumed. Fatty acids and linoleic acid on ice cream serves to enhance the activity of anti patogenik, antibacterial, and antiviral. While the content of calsiuma is useful for keeping the bones and teeth of the mass density, so as to prevent the risk of osteoporosis, cancer, and even hypertension in pregnancy.

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The benefits of ice cream

1. Increase the chances of pregnancy

Research at the Harvard School of Public Health, Boston stated that women who want to get pregnant and was doing a program how to quickly become pregnant, should avoid the consumption of dairy products with a low fat content. It deals with non-ovulation, because by consuming ice cream or fat-containing dairy products regularly every day can help increase the probability of conception in the womb.

The researchers showed that women who consume 1 serving of processed foods from the milk has a high fat content every day, can help lower the risk of ovulation-related infertility. If compared women who consume healthy foods for pregnant women-sex in the amount less per week.

2. Gain weight

For pregnant women who experience a lack of weight, especially when approaching the process of childbirth, it is recommended to consume food and drinks that contain sugar and calories. The benefits of ice cream for teens offers nutritional needs of pregnant women. In 100 gram ice cream contain calories (kcal 207) as well as 16 grams of sugar.

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3. Formation of fetal bone

During pregnancy, a woman require additional nutrients more than usual. Such as calcium or other nutrients. Calcium is useful for keeping the bones and teeth in order to remain healthy. This also applies to the development of the fetus in the womb, where the role of calcium in bone formation are as a fetus. In addition, the calcium will also keep the bones of the mother in order to remain strong, because it occurs during pregnancy hormonal changes significantly, so additional calcium he needs much more than it was before getting pregnant.

4. Overcome nausea

Nausea and vomiting is reasonable in early pregnancy. This is often referred to with the symptoms of morning sickness. The delicious taste and sweetness found in ice cream benefits for pregnant women can provide assistance when pregnant mothers experiencing the disorder during pregnancy, especially in the early trimester of pregnancy.

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5. Reduce stress

Consume ice cream can stimulate the formation of thrombotonin hormones that are useful to add to the mood, poise, and relieve stress, especially during early pregnancy signs.

However, the thing to remember is the ice cream is not as the main food during pregnancy, it can only be consumed as snacks or nibbles. Consume foods that contain lots of calories and sugars like ice cream in excessive amounts during pregnancy can cause the risk of weight gain in pregnant women.

The ice cream side effects for pregnant women

In addition the need to look out for is the development of an infection known as listeria, that is a dangerous infection in the body, caused by the bacterium Listeria monocytogene. This bacterium is pathogenic bacteria that grows in cold temperatures. These bacteria survive in the digestive tract and penetrate the intestinal wall and follow the flow of the blood to penetrate the placenta.

This bacteria is very influential in the amniotic fluid, placenta and affect fetal conditions can cause pregnancy problems such as:

  • causes of miscarriage
  • babies born prematurely
  • meningitis
  • the occurrence of infection in infants
  • the risk of the baby dying
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Prevention of bacterial infection on Ice Cream

Listeria infections can be developed through the cooling machines that are not cleaned on a regular basis it triggers the development of the bacteria that later can be spread on ice cream products in it. To that end, we recommend that you consume ice cream made from pasteurized milk products, namely milk cows that are experiencing the process of heating with temperatures that reach 75 degrees Celsius within the next 15 seconds.

The warming function is to prevent the content of nutrients in the milk gets damaged. This would make his nutritional and quality maintained and later safe to take anyone. Including the women who were in the period of pregnancy.


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