5 Benefits of Taking Children to Play to the Park

Play to the Park

5 benefits of Invited to play

Today, the kids are easy once the addiction main gadgets. If it's not supervised, growing flower child could be hampered. Even though we know that play is an activity cannot be separated from the world of children, nonetheless we need to steer it.

One way that children dont get addicted to gadgets, it's good to often took her to the Park to play. There are many benefits to be gained when children often invited main to the Park, particularly children with clean air.  moms we discussed one by one here.

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1. Improve children's Immune

Reported by thehealthsite.com, from playing at the open space could help boost the immune system of the child. While the children play in the garden, has been dropped, and running around there, indirectly it could help increase the body's immunity. So it's not easily hurt. While if the game goes only in a closed room, children susceptible allergy related to respiratory system.

2. Improve the Mental Development and social

Open spaces, fresh air, and physical activity is an important element for the development of a child's brain. All elements that can be obtained by playing in the Park. In addition, while playing with friends in the Park, children's social abilities can also be increased. Resource creativity will continue to be honed with a dare to try new things in the garden.

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3. Coping with stress

Any child can experience stress or depressed. One way to help him cope with stress is to invite him to play in open spaces such as in a garden. Do not let children experience the Nature Deficit Disorder, a disorder in humans, particularly children due to the lack of direct contact with nature which have an impact on mental and physical health, in the form of the possibility of severe obesity, and mental disorders depression in children (cited from kompasiana.com ). The condition can also cause the child so lazy, more individualist, selfish, hard to concentrate, even the more dependence with gadgets.

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4. making Children Happy

Actively doing physical activities, then the number of calories burned will more. In addition to making healthy, children play in the garden can also make children happier. While in the garden, children can feel more free and capable of bubbling up of emotions and feelings more easily.

5. Increase the Concentration

Yep, activity in open space like in the garden can help children to concentrate more.

come on moms invite children to play and a lot of outdoor activities. Make sure also always monitored and supervised during play, Yes.

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