20 Benefits of Grape for Pregnant Women and Healthy Fetuses

Benefits of Grape
Grape is a refreshing fruit because of its natural glucose content, which makes the grape much sought after by many. The grape has a sweet taste, besides the dominant grapes also have a high alcohol content. Therefore, pregnant women should limit consumption of grape. grape consumption for pregnant women should not be more than 50 grams. Abstinence of food pregnant women, has a high alcohol content that could be harmful for the fetus was conceived. Alcohol content it also contained on the durian and jackfruit. Because of that, grape consumption should be limited as well as consumption

The grape has a lot of vitamins and the content in it. Content that is what makes grape beneficial for pregnant women. The following content in grapes that are not known by many people:

Vitamins in grapes are
  • vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B1.
  • Beta carotene.
  • Phosphorus.
  • Calcium.
  • Iron.
  • Magnesium.
  • Folic acid.
  • Omega-3 and DHA.
  • Fiber.

If consumed in reasonable limits, the grape has many benefits for pregnant women. Unfortunately that pregnant women know is the negative effect of the grape. Here's an assortment of grape's benefits for pregnant women:

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1. Helping Fetal brain development

The content of the benefits of folic acid in the grape, useful to help the brain development of fetuses. The benefits of grape to fetal brain development is as follows:

  • Form the nerves in the brain of the fetus.
  • Reduce the risk of brain birth defects.
  • Help the formation of brain tube for the fetus.

2. Form bones and teeth

Folate and calcium content in grape is beneficial for the formation of bones and teeth in the fetus. The benefits of grape for pregnant women this would optimize the development of the fetus and also strengthens bones of pregnant women.

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3. Formation of the spinal cord

The spinal cord is an important organ for the fetus. The marrow was lying there in the backbone or spine. The fetus does not have the bone marrow will not be well developed, as a result was infants can never sit and he was only able to lie on a mattress. Because of that, it is important for pregnant women to pay attention to the development of the fetal back bone marrow contains. Content of folic acid in the grape could help a fetus in the formation of the spinal cord.

4. Prevent Anemia

Anemia can occur when pregnant women entering the second trimester. The time a fetus grown rapidly so that the red blood cells in the body are divided into two for pregnant women and the fetus also contains. Anemia can be overcome by consuming red grape with a reasonable portion. It is because the content of iron in red grape more than any other grape.

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5. The formation of the central nervous

The content of omega-3 and DHA is needed by expectant mothers. It is because the omega-3 and DHA in healthy pregnant women, very useful for forming the central nervous cells in the fetus.

6. Assist the digestive system

While pregnant, pregnant women often have disorders of pregnancy on the digestive system. For example, constipation and much more. Magnesium on the benefits of grape for expectant mothers, proved to be able to launch and help the digestive system during pregnancy. If digestion is smooth, then pregnant women will be spared from constipation and other digestive disorders.

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7. Toxin Cleanser

Fiber in grapes can make pregnant women free from toxins. If it comes to pregnant women has a lot of toxin, the toxin can affect the health of janinnya. The workings of the grape to cleanse toxins are as follows:

  • Fiber can launch the digestive system.
  • These fibers can clear toxins which attach to the intestines.
  • Toxins will be issued concurrently with the CHAPTER and also the urine.
  • After the toxin is cleaned, then the intestines will be healthy and free from toxins harmful to the body.

8. Improve the immune system

Pregnant women must be clever-clever in maintaining health. It's because pregnant women would be very susceptible to be exposed to the disease. The disease such as coughing, fever and colds as well. With a high vitamin C content in fruits for pregnant women, especially on the Green grape is beneficial for improving the immune system of the body. Increased immune system can ward off various diseases that get into the body, so the body of pregnant women could be spared from a variety of ailments.

9. Improve the performance of the kidneys

While pregnant, pregnant women there who cannot excrete urine with great numbers. The problem of lack of urine that is affected by the performance of the kidneys are compromised. To improve kidney function and kidney performance can by consuming grape. The grape has the nature of alkaline forming. Nature on a grape that is what makes the performance of the kidneys to increase.

10. Nasty Fat Clean

Pregnant women are prone to becoming obese, obese pregnant women it can be caused by the fat on his body. The large number of bad fats sticking to blood vessels in the body can cause pregnant women easily affected by complications such as hypertension, heart and blood vessels are narrowed. These issues can be addressed using the grape benefits for pregnant women.

Sifar alkaline forming grape can make pregnant women experience a widening of blood vessels so as to avoid a variety of complications. (Read also: dangers of obesity for pregnant women)

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11. Addressing the high cholesterol

Despite being pregnant, it's not that pregnant women could be spared from the disease kolsterol. Cholesterol in the body of pregnant women can be caused by high levels of LDL in the body. A lot of pregnant women experiencing hypertension due to high LDL levels, so that pregnant women are advised to consume grape in quantities sufficient to normalize blood pressure by lowering levels of LDL cholesterol in the body of the mother pregnant.

12. Reduce swelling in pregnant women

Expectant mothers will be easily affected by swelling in his feet. To reduce the swelling on pregnant women, expectant mothers should be many moves, such as doing gymnastics. In addition pregnant women can consume the grape to reduce the swelling. The content of calcium and magnesium in the grapes is effective to reduce the swelling of the expectant mother.

13. Make the skin more elastic

While pregnant many pregnant women who complained about the onset of stretch marks on certain parts. To reduce stretch marks of pregnant women can consume grapes. The benefits of grape for pregnant mothers believed could make the skin becomes more elastic, so that the elastic skin will not be easily affected by stretch marks.

14. Stabilize the Metabolism

While pregnant, the metabolism in the body become unstable. It is because the hormones in the body are also unstable. Metabolic disorders can affect the health of pregnant women. For example, cognitive decline and is still more. A reasonable grape consumption could stabilize the metabolism in the body of pregnant women.

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The dangers of excessive consumption of grape

There are restrictions for pregnant women who want to consume the grape in quantities which are not controlled. This is due to the presence of negative effects arising from excessive grape consumption. The negative effects of it are as follows:

Cause Diarrhoea – a sour taste that was produced from the grapes can make pregnant women exposed to diarrhea. When pregnant women are exposed to diarrhea, pregnant women will lack a lot of liquid in his body so that pregnant women will experience prolonged weakness.
Ulcer Relapse – pregnant women who have the ulcer could be vulnerable to relapse because of sour taste in grape that could trigger a rise in the gastric acid in the body.
The stomach Becomes Bloated – Consume the grape in quantities too much could make expectant mothers feel bloated stomach. It is because the gas can cause a sour taste in the belly of pregnant women. If excessive gas in the stomach as a result is the expectant mother will feel begah and certainly stomach becomes bloated. Both conditions can cause pregnant women found to have abdominal discomfort.


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