6 Gymnastics Movement of Pregnant Women to Prevent Miscarriage

Gymnastics Movement of Pregnant Women

6 Gymnastics Movement of Pregnant Women to Prevent Miscarriage

young pregnancy is sure to be one of the good news. But behind it, young pregnant women will begin to change his physical due to hormonal changes that occur. In addition, pregnancy is also a time of youthful pregnancies that miscarry vulnerable because it is still very early fetal development, as well as physical mother may not have been quite ready to adapt to the new conditions. Thus, the need for health care for young pregnant women so that bad risks can be prevented. Let alone the morning sickness often occurs during pregnancy this young.

One of the ways you can do to maintain good health while pregnant young is doing gymnastics pregnant young. Although many doctors who recommend gymnastics done when pregnant gestational age is already quite old, but there are also several health experts who advocate a young pregnant woman doing calisthenics at his spare time pregnant. The goal is to maintain fitness and prevent miscarriage.

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Young pregnant mother more gymnastics was placed on exercise respiratory system and also strengthening back muscles part (including the muscles of the vagina). This is done so that pregnant women can adapt to breathing during pregnancy, because while pregnant of course oxygen supply should be enough for the mother and the fetus as well. In addition, respiratory exercises it is important to prepare for labor the next few months. While the back muscles exercise devoted to preparation for the mother's body in order to sustain the burden later on during pregnancy continues to grow. Young pregnant gymnastics could also be one way of keeping Young Pregnancy.

Here's some young pregnant women gymnastics movements that can be done to train respiratory, back muscles, and the muscles of the vagina also.

Push up with the media wall

Many may already know how to push up movement technique, i.e. by lifting the body with the object of the hand. This push up movements can also be done by a young pregnant mother as one of the recommended gymnastics movement because push ups can help train and strengthen the respiratory muscles of the chest. However, movements of push ups performed is not performed on the floor as usual, but rather on the wall straight.

The trick is to stand on a plane wall. Then open the foot sekadarnya to both knees do not stick. Then position the hands so that the widening is wider than anew. Bend your elbows and lower your chest to chest up to touch the wall. But to remember is positioning your back should remain straight and must not be bent. Then do the push up movements in sequence as much as 15 times in 1 day.

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Squat with ball movement, fitness

If a woman already showed Traits People Pregnant 1 month, then immediately make sure whether it is true that the pregnancy is going. After that, consult the doctor if this could be done squat movement. The squat movement is usually done with the help of these fitness balls can be performed by pregnant women. The squat movement itself aims to train respiratory on pregnant women and also trains the muscles of the pelvis for more powerful so that pregnant women can be better prepared to meet in fetal development at a later date.

Pregnant women are advised to do this squat with ball movement, fitness to make it easier and safer. The trick is to prepare 1 piece of fitness balls. Then beririlah upright with the fitness ball placed on the backs of the rear. Attach the rear part of the body on the ball already rely also on the wall. Open your legs as wide as anew then slowly lower the body until the position of the knee forming an angle of 90 degree movies with legs. And then return to its original position. Do this movement 10 times in a day.

Lift the foot movement

The next gymnastics movements that can be done is lifted away. The aim is to strengthen the back and stomach so that the mother's body will be better equipped to support the weight of the fetus at a later date.

The trick is to position the body like a baby that is being crawled. Then lift one leg and straightens back. Position the legs parallel to the back. Hold a few seconds. In the same way and then repeat with the other leg. Do turn up to 10 times a day.

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Step up

Young Pregnant next gymnastics can be done by doing movements step up. This movement is done with the help of stairs. That is by way of regak standing in front of the stairs. Then expectant mothers can move the right foot to the front steps. After that, lift the body by following the movement of the foot. Do the same way with the left foot. Do continuously on a regular basis each day with the desired amount of its own. Step up to this could be useful for strengthening the muscles of the foot, especially the groin close to the organ of femininity, to be more forceful in shoring up fetus that will continue to evolve.

Kegel exercisers

Kegel gymnastics also has benefits for young pregnant women. One is to strengthen the vaginal muscles to be stronger and ready in a live fetus development, UN to meet and the next few months. Gymnastics can also help prevent miscarriage due to weak vaginal muscles. The trick is also very easy, IE by doing such movement are holding urine in areas of femininity. Do it several times a day.


Yoga is a series of exercises that aim to relieve stress and give the impression of relaxation for the culprit. It turns out that young pregnant women can also do yoga gymnastics in some casual movement to get these benefits. This Yoga will help prevent stress for young pregnant women, especially for first-time mothers who are pregnant.

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Because usually pregnant mothers who have not had the experience of going to stress more easily than pregnant women who have been pregnant. Yoga can also be one of how to cope with Excessive Nausea while pregnant young. But this yoga movement need to be asked or consulted the doctor first to anticipate movements of yoga which thus need to be avoided for pregnant women.

Thus some types of gymnastics movement young pregnant mom can do it yourself at home as well as with the instructor of gymnastics is pregnant. Do gymnastics this pregnant safely so that pregnancy remains awake. In addition to avoid the kind of Sport that is prohibited for pregnant women such as heavy exercise that harm. Fill jug nutritional intake during pregnancy so that the fetus can develop normally. Hope this article is useful.


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