How To Easily Treat Cancer in Children

Treat Cancer in Children

 How To Easily Treat Cancer in Children

It's not just the number of adult cancer survivors are always increasing each year, the chart of the world child cancer sufferers also increased. Blood cancer or leukemia and retina blastoma or eye cancer is a disease that often occurs in children. Now, the rapid advances in technology make cancer treatment more easily, one of them with stem cell therapy or a stem cell.

Stem cell in therapy of the disease of leukemia stem cells where Hematooetik (HsC) on umbilical cord blood is proven can help therapy treatment disease leukemia. Children's Cancer expert and Pediatrician Dr. Edi Setiawan Tehuteru, SpA (K), stem cell treatment mention MHA for child cancer became the last hope of the entire set of existing treatment.

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"The way the last or last rescue that we try for leukemia cancer stem cell treatment IE. It's not 100 percent, but for the leukaemia could be the expectation, "said Edi's Meet The Experts in the Seminar Cordlife in Jakarta.

Up to now is indeed the cause of cancer is not yet known, but are generally caused by the interaction of the four things that is genetic, radiation, viruses, or chemically. However, Edi revealed in Italy many children recover with treatment cells stem. Even as they mature and get married and have children.
"Even today there are also cancer that is generally thought to be just for adults but is also found on the age of the child when towards the teenager. I.e. the ovarian cancer cells. I'm handling two guys before, but that one died because it was spread (metastases have), "he added.

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In order the leukemia awareness month is celebrated in September, Cordlife as the first cord blood bank Indonesia pun educate community about stem cell therapy cells. In addition to treatment, a child with cancer ever need the spirit and support of your family and the environment.

Development of therapies and stem cell technology or familiar known as Stem Cell in Indonesia gives greater opportunities against the treatment of various diseases of blood disorders. Of them leukemia, thalassemia, palsi serebal and others.

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Indeed many parents who don't understand about the benefits of baby's cord was born. See this Cordlife held education about therapy and stem cell development.

"For the moment the already agreed, stem cells can treat various diseases of the blood disorders such as leukemia, thalassemia, and metabolic abnormalities. Abroad are already widely used in Indonesia even though it belongs to are new, "said Dr. Meriana Virtin as health professionals (Medical Advisor) of Cordlife.

Stem cells can also be found in the bone marrow and blood. In addition to being used for cancer diseases or abnormalities of hematopoietic stem cells, blood is also examined for use for patients with neurological disorders (such as cerebral palsi), autism, metabolic disorders, and more.

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