Is Instagram Safe for Kids?

Instagram Safe for Kids

 Is Instagram Safe for Kids?

Instagram is a fun application, but for adults. Indeed this application could also be used adolescents aged 13 years and above, but basically not recommended for children.

You surely know that Instagram is also a search engine for millions of photos. Your child may get different photos in these applications, ranging from the cute kitten photos, celebrity, funny, photos and pornographic material.

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In addition to sharing photos, users Instagram also allows users to submit comments and messages. In addition, it is difficult to sift through the material of adult nature or violent in applications that have 800 million active users.

Adult material which may only be seen parents in Instagram include drug use, pornography, beauty competitions, disorders of eating patterns, and body image that is not realistic.

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In a survey conducted by an Education Foundation in the United Kingdom, it is known that Instagram is the most social media bad for mental health. Instagram users mentioned tend to be feel loneliness, depression, and anxiety.

In the digital age is indeed not possible at all to children prohibit access to social media. Parents should do is to conduct surveillance and ensure their children use social media responsibly.

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Early parents can teach children about the world of the internet, including the positive and negative sides. Just as important, invite children to enjoy life in the real world, despite the virtual world always looks perfect on screen Instagram.

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