30 Pregnant Characteristics of Baby Girls, Very Accurately

Pregnant Characteristics of Baby Girls
Pregnancy is a boon for married couples. The child's presence is sure to be coveted men and woman who are married. Pregnancy usually makes the husband and wife relationship became increasingly cordial. You and your husband must have been impatient to know the sex of the child. ULTRASOUND gender usually can be done in pregnancy to age 7 months.

However there are some features of pregnant girls who looked from the beginning of pregnancy. You are already very curious not to wait up to seven months to find out the sex of the child. What are the Traits of pregnant girls who are accurate? Yuk, look!

1. Nausea and vomiting in the morning

At the young age of pregnancy up to 4 months, women usually experience symptoms of nausea and vomiting in the morning or morning sickness. When pregnancy begins to dilate, these symptoms usually will heal by itself. But if the gestational age have entered the fifth month or six and you're still experiencing morning sickness, it could be You being pregnant girls.

2. the left Breast bigger

Due to hormonal changes, breast pregnant women will surely be increased. Breast enlargement also marked the commencement of the production of BREAST MILK as a preparation for the newborn baby. However if your left breast is larger than the right, most likely a child was being conceived are women.

3. The mother would rather dress up

If you become more like dress up during pregnancy, you're being pregnant girls. Hobby mom dress up while pregnant is a reflection of hobbies women who like to dress up.

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4. Face breakouts

Research proves that pregnant women who face breakouts will give birth to a daughter. The emergence of pimples on the face of the mother is affected by high estrogen hormone production brought by baby girl.

5. Imagination girls

If you often imagine girls while pregnant, it could be that it is one of the characteristics of pregnant girls. Somehow you often imagine will adorn your child when born as women. This is a sign that you are pregnant girls.

6. keep the body lean

The characteristics of pregnant girls the other is mother's body shape that remain slim despite being pregnant. Although the weight up, forms your hip is still clearly visible. Pregnant mothers are women usually do not like high-calorie foods such as meat and seafood. They prefer to eat vegetables that contain plenty of fiber.

7. Love of a certain female artist

When you're pregnant, all of a sudden you just liked female artist that you like never before. You look at the television and waiting for the presence of the artist. This is one of the traits you pregnant girls.

8. the baby's heart beat per minute

When you do an ULTRASOUND, the doctor would certainly inform the data about the baby's heartbeat. View the amount of your baby's heart beat per minute. Baby girl usually had a heart beat faster than men, around 140 bpm.

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9. Darker urine color

Urine is usually the determining factors of pregnant women or not. Pregnancy test with test pack is usually done with urine. Pay attention to the color of Your urine during pregnancy. The characteristics of pregnant girls are dark yellow urine color.

10. Pregnant women become more talkative

The chatty nature is a characteristic of nearly every woman-owned. If the husband says you become more talkative after the pregnant, maybe it was the traits you pregnant girls.

11. round-shaped Belly

The shape of the abdomen of pregnant women can also be a sign of whether the child conceived male or female. If a child is conceived, belly pregnant women usually round-shaped like a watermelon as a growing increase in the fetus in the womb.

12. The position of the bed tilts to the right

Note the position of the bed that you love to do more while pregnant. Mothers who are pregnant girls usually prefer sleeping position leaning on your right.

13. The position of the mother's belly is higher

Female fetus is usually attached to the top of the belly of the mother. Therefore, a mother pregnant belly girls become higher than mothers who are pregnant with a boy.

14. Be more sensitive

The characteristics of pregnant girls the mother's emotions are very unstable. Pregnant girls become quickly angry, sad, and quick quick happy. Mood changes very quickly is influenced by hormones in the body of pregnant women who are not balanced.

15. Over protektif on husband

You really are not the type who overprotektif against the husband. However, when pregnant the suspicion against the husband increased and you are so difficult to allow the husband out of the House. Maybe it was the traits you pregnant girls.

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16. The movement of the fetus more gentle

As the nature of the woman who is smooth and silky, note seaktif What Your fetal movement. If the fetus is only occasionally move awhile gently, then you are pregnant girls. Meanwhile, male fetuses are more powerful and aggressive.

17. Like food sweets

The characteristics of pregnant girls who then was pregnant during the mother's favorite food. Mother daughter usually likes to eat sweet foods like chocolate and candy. In contrast to mothers who conceive a boy who likes to eat acidic food and spicy.

18. The position of the pelvis higher

Pregnant women typically have a pelvis that tend to widen. So too with mothers who are pregnant girls. The shape of the mother's pelvis thus became higher and if views wider than the expectant mothers of boys.

19. mother's Face became more clean

Will beauty radiates from the mother who's pregnant daughter. Pregnant mother's face will be cleaner. though overgrown with acne, but pregnant girls face not black and dull, but bright glow.

20. skin softer hands

Mothers who are pregnant girls would be very smooth skin of hands and palms of his hands. The skin will feel very soft and smooth like a newborn baby's skin.

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21. The thrill of downhill

Characteristic feature of the Pregnant Girls an accurate look at the passion of mother decreases. For pregnant mothers will be lazy sexual intercourse with her husband because of her passion and lust.

22. Love to see girls

If you are pregnant girls, instinctively you will love to see the girls. You will be seeing every cruel girls and imagine if girls it is your child.

23. vegetable and fruit Cravings

Pregnant girls are indeed rather fibrous food. Therefore usually ngidamnya not far from fruits and vegetables.

24. Hair color more red

Change the hair color is usually experienced by mothers who are pregnant, especially if pregnant daughter. Hair color of pregnant women is slowly going to be little red due to hormonal changes that occur in the body.

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25. not lazy

Pregnant girls would be more diligent. Pregnant women are usually going to be lazy because of her weight growing up. However if you thus become increasingly diligent, it is characteristic of pregnant girls.

26. Hobbies cooking

The cooking is typical of women who are not owned by men. This will be reflected if you pregnant girls. You become a hobby of cooking though never liked to cook before.

27. Love bright colors

Girls are indeed synonymous with bright colors such as pink and yellow. If you are getting to like bright colors while pregnant, it is Characteristic feature of Pregnant girls who are accurate.

28. Become increasingly flavorings

The characteristics of pregnant girls who are pregnant women become increasingly sensitive. His heart was easily touched, but also easily offended. Pregnant girls normally will cry because of trivia.

29. Wedding ring test

Your wedding ring can be a tool to determine whether a child is conceived male or female. It's easy, tie threads on Your wedding ring. Place the wedding ring on the top of your stomach with hanging position, while you lie. If the child is conceived is women, then the ring will move the twist.

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30. Pull out to aura

Pregnant girls will issue an aura of beauty. If everyone met, many say you become more beautiful, it is an innate baby girl which is currently contained in the stomach.

That's the Hallmark traits of Pregnant girls who are accurate. Note these traits from the beginning of pregnancy. If many of the above traits that suit you, congratulations! You pregnant girls.


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