Thumb Sucking Habits Protect Children from Allergies

Thumb Sucking

The thumb Sucking habit Protects children from Allergies

On seeing the child suck Thumb, we as parents sometimes immediate panic itself. This pun is commonplace because we worry there is dirt or bacteria which enters into the body of the little one as she suck Thumb. But do you know if it also thumb sucking is useful?

There are interesting studies linked this. Offered from, a study in the journal Pediatrics on 11 July 2016 mentions that thumb sucking can benefit health in children. Children who suck their thumbs or Sucking her nails over the age of 2 years can be protected from allergies while adults later. Gee, ya know.

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EH but that does not mean we advise children to always suck Thumb. Senior researcher Dr. Robert Hancox, of the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand also stressed if the thumb sucking habits in children still need to be regulated. Given its negative effects also exist, such as changing the structure of the tooth. Not to mention if the child's fingernails dirty, if the thumb sucking habit is not discontinued can-can the small intestinal worms.

Hancox also have a hypothesis problem connection suck thumb and the effect that could protect themselves from allergies. The theory is when the child already was subject to exposure to bacteria and microbes at an early age, the immune system will work actively to fight infection. This could then affect protects the body from allergies.

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Research conducted on 1,000 New Zealand children found that based on reports from their parents, 31% children are quite often the thumb sucking or nail Sucking at the age of 5-11 years, have affected smaller 1/3 risk of allergy compared children age time already 13 years old. The condition also can survive until the age of 32 years.

Dr. Mika Hiramatsu, a pediatrician who discusses the study explains the relation to previous studies. Children who attend school, staying with pets, living on a farm, or have a risk of developing allergies and sister asthma smaller. In other words, environmental exposure to germs can instead be giving some sort of protection.

Let the child occasionally dirty dare turns out to also be able to give a positive impact. But we also need to keep watching because it's not that we continue to let children exposed to germs and bacteria at any time.

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