5 Type of People Bitten by Mosquitoes

Bitten by Mosquitoes

 5 Type of People Bitten by Mosquitoes

Frequently bitten by mosquitoes even though it has anti-mosquito lotions daub is indeed very frustrating.

According to a study conducted by the University of Florida and was led by Dr. Phil Koehler, there are five type of person who often became padded object mosquito to tossing. Following his:

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People who have high uric acid levels

High uric acid concentrated aromas in perfumes smell mosquito so that it makes it to follow the odor for bitten.

People are easily sweat

Sweat makes the production of carbon dioxide and acid lactik increased thus creating an aroma body that attracted the attention of mosquitoes.

Dr. Koehler explained that mosquitoes like the aroma of concentrated carbon dioxide levels due to high.

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Blood group O people

As it turns out, every blood type creates a different body odors. However, blood type O have the smell of a body that attracted the attention of the mosquito because it is considered more concentrated and intense.

A person who rarely change socks

Socks worn for days without having washed it creates peculiar smell unpleasant. However, the smell is so frowned upon mosquitoes.

A researcher named Bart Knols to test this theory and put it right. He purposely wearing the same socks in a week and was a group of mosquitoes flying wherever the socks are put.

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Hobby people who drink alcohol

A research that was reported by the Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association, outlines, body temperature the alcohol drinkers are routinely higher than those who do not drink alcohol.

As it turns out, the heat made more sensitive so that mosquitoes love owner of skin tossing hot body temperature.

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